Mind Control In The Music Industry

Aug 19, 2023

Now before we begin, let's get it out of the way that words can change your behavior and make you act in very predictable ways. I have two videos for you below, which prove this claim with ease. First we have a great video from Justin Williams, from his show Magic for Humans, where words are used to easily mind control his victims. The second video is from Max Major, during his amazing display of mind control on America's Got Talent (AGT). As you're watching the AGT mind control demonstration, please make sure to pay close attention to the trick where Max Major mind controls Howie Mandel to pick the 4 O'CLOCK on the watch. I will explain how simple words helped executed that amazing display of mind control in the paragraph below. First the 2 videos for you to watch.....

Now, in regards to how Max Major made Howie Mandel pick 4 o'clock on the watch, it was simple. In mind control 85% of the result desired in each mind control victim (usually you the public) comes from repetition. The more repetitive the image, sound, word, imprint, emotion etc......the more likely you are to copy it. And it doesn't take too many repetitions to get the average human doing what the mind control expert wants them to do. In reality, you only need 2 repetitions of any image, pattern, word etc.....to get most humans changing their behavior accordingly, all outside their consciousness awareness of course. Max Major used some very special repeitive mind control words during his talk and those words were perFORm, perFORmance, beFORe, FOR and comFORtable. Do you see anything repetitive in those words? Maybe the word FOR or FOUR? And that's why Howie Mandell was mind controlled to spit out the 4 o'clock answer, on cue, by the mind control expert Max Major. If you want to know why the mind does these things, on a very predictable basis, please simply click here for a short master class on the subject, which is free for anyone to watch.

The point of that introduction should be obvious. Words can indeed change your behavior, outside your consciousness awareness. In our modern time, this is called mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification or psychological manipulation. In ancient times, it was called magic. When you use this technology to trick people into hurting themselves (like during a fabricated disease outbreak or a fabricated climate agenda) it's called black magic. When you use the same technology to make people empowered, abundant, progressive, moral or ethical.......it's called white magic. I can only assume that you may understand that the people who rule you under false pretenses are using this technology as a black magic application in your life. Hopefully you can see at least that fact, as you walk the world today. Saying that, our misleaders have been using this tech against you and your family for a very long time. Let's look at a couple black magic examples of mind control from the music industry below, which our misleaders organize against the public on a daily basis. There can be no government without mind control. The word government actually means mind control. Govern is French for "to control" and "ment" or "mentis" is Latin for mind. Government is mind control. Ruling others, stealing from them and controlling them is based solely on advanced mind control methods. 

Let's take something like Suicide Blonde by INXS, an old song from the 80's. What do you think the word SUICIDE, belted out on a repetitive basis, does to the human psyche? Hopefully at this point in your learning curve, you can understand that at its most basic foundations, it's not going to have a positive impact on anyone listening......nor was it ever designed to have a positive impact.  

What about the movie titled Suicide Squad? What do you believe would be the impact of this movie title heard over and over again, on the airways and absorbed into the eyes. 10 million views of this video alone.

In the music video below we have some lyrics "I crash my car into a bridge, I love it......we need to kill this switch". 2000 million vidws of that video.

 In the video below we have the lyrics "I feel so right doing the wrong thing, I feel so wrong doing the right thing.....everything that kills me makes me feel alive". Near 4 BILLION views of this video.

Now, what can happen to an uninformed mind when exposes to such death to self, death centric and suicide based messages? (given I've only listed 4 examples out of hundreds of thousands purposely riddled throughout our media) Well, the obvious can happen and it's called copy cat suicide or suicide contagion. About 8 years ago there was a massive increase in child suicide right after suicide messages were found inside media that targeted children specifically. Black magic or white magic?

Dr. Jerry Kroth (a professor at Santa Clara University in California) explains why the brain copies in this way and there are many books as well, on this copy cat phenomena. Of course the misleaders ruling you know all this and more....and have been ruling you with this black magic from the day you were born.  

Ladies and gentleman, I want to make sure you understand that nothing in this world is what you think it is. The people ruling you aren't who they say they are and if you don't start paying closer attention....you're certainly not going to like what happens over the next 10 years. Please subscribe below for more articles that pull back the veil on what your media is really for and what the black magic intent of that media really is. Also review my latest program below so you can move up the knowledge ladder very quickly, in order that you protect yourself and your family to the highest degree possible. If your child has a cell phone (a sell phone) or is watching a TV (a TELL-LIE-VISION) unfortunately you've already invited a very ancient vampire over the threshold of your home and you're playing a game you're never going to win unless you take action immediately. 


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