How Is Canada's Economy Faring Compared to Others?

Sep 01, 2023


Economists from around the world know the truth about Canada's economy. Canada's economy is the weakest out of most developed nations. Pensions promised to seniors and government employees aren't there. Those false promises were made purposely, to keep criminals in office, as they looted the treasury behind the scenes. The Canadian government has also purposely manufactured a societal expectation of mass entitlement and laziness, to the point where Canada's actual productivity is at its lowest point in recorded history.

With drugs purposely legalized coast to coast, an economy completely based on unsustainable real estate growth and a government system that glorifies childhood dependency, woke justice warrior ideology and's only a matter of time before the communist forces in Canada will have to announce that all assets of the population have to be placed into the government spending machine in order to keep the Canadian crime syndicate in power.

There's only two ways to save Canada, entrepreneurship and less government. Two things that the average Canadian is terrified of because of a government school system that teaches the exact opposite. And if you think this is all one big mistake, one big misunderstanding or a perfect storm of uncontrollable events...........then you're not paying attention. All communist governments are installed this way. This isn't an accident. Communist governments are historical crime families, who know that stealing the wealth of entire nations is completely possible. You just have to spend and spend and spend until the treasury is empty. During that purposely manufactured drunken government spending spree, the people get conditioned to become dependent and infantilized by all the fabricated and illusionary good times. At that point the crime syndicate arrives on scene in all their dysfunctional glory to tell the people that in order for them to all sit around in their play pens, their cribs and inside the loving embrace of an evil government parental force...... all they have to do is give their freedoms away and also endorse new laws that fold all public assets back into the government controlled monetary incinerator. And bingo, bango, bongo......all the wealth is transferred to the crime syndicate and the people become powerless to change anything until the entire system burns to the ground and the criminals flee the area with the entire wealth of the nation in hand, which has always been the communist cycle throughout all of recorded history. Every scholar on the planet will openly state that communism has failed each and every time it was attempted....but they're all wrong. A failure for the public, where the entire wealth of a nation is transferred to an international crime syndicate, is actually a massive win for the ruling 1%. Communism never fails anyone but the average person, as it was designed to from the day this evil ideology was hatched. 

The communist forces in Canada are now coming down the home stretch. It won't matter if you're a multi millionaire or just living cheque to cheque with your personal residence as your primary financial can either leave like your relatives left the old world or you can prepare for major encroachments on your wealth and freedom. There is no door #3.  Canada is sinking as designed and yes, the average Canadian doesn't know an exit strategy, although many are available. Humans like what they know and they avoid what they don't know. This means a perfect storm is brewing in Canada. More below in this video report, regarding how Canada is indeed circling the drain economically. 

There's only a couple ways out for anyone wanting to take action, regardless of what developed nation they currently live in. If you're looking to learn what your options are, when dealing with very ancient and evil forces on this planet, who wish death and economic decay for everyone but's very important to click the picture below and watch a video about my latest offering. My latest offering is a lifeline of knowledge, action and community order that anyone get comfortable with the big changes that will eventually save their lives and the lives of their loved ones. 



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