David Icke Intro for Interview #1 on The Jason Christoff Podcast

Aug 29, 2023

Tuesday Aug 29th 2023

Today on my brand-new podcast, I will interview David Icke as guest #1. I am focusing on mind control experts for the first 15-20 guests on the show. After that I hope to have enough footage to finally put together my first documentary called PLANET MIND CONTROL. This new documentary will really help the public understand how they're always getting tricked to participate in their own misery, addiction and slavery. The way the government and media mind control is designed.....it will always end with the loss of everything the public needs to be healthy, happy and prosperous in life. The misleaders on our screens are merely actors and the only way the people pulling their puppet strings can maintain their power is by destroying the power of the public. When we lose power, our misleaders gain power.....and that's why everything the government and media does is about disempowerment. My introduction for Mr. David Icke is below. Thought I would share that with you. This new podcast will be released next week via Spotify. Thank you for your support. When you enroll in any of my programs, you are supporting projects like this. David and I go LIVE in 3 hours from the writing of this article. 

David Icke's Introduction

David Icke is an author of 16 books, a documentary filmmaker, a public speaker who has addressed sold out venues worldwide, an educator, a role model, a father, a researcher of the truth and a helper of millions around the world. David Icke set what I believe are unofficial viewing records with his appearances on LONDON REAL with Brian Rose. Hundreds of millions have tuned into that series of talks. This prompted our human farmers to attack not only LONDON REAL and Brian Rose but David himself with a blanket of censorship attempts unseen before in human history. David has faced these attacks his entire career and they only serve to make him stronger and his message go further. David has recently been banned from entering all EU countries simply because he was invited to talk LIVE in the Netherlands on the usual range of topics. The charge was…. he was a threat to public order, this from a government who just poisoned half the population back into the stone age during the Hollywood stage production called COVID. David’s brain is a lightning rod for what is right, true and just and it's his passion for seeking the truth that is the ultimate threat to the worldwide enslavement apparatus now attempting to be installed across the entire planet. You can find David’s private media channel at ickonic.com where you can stream 30 years of David’s content plus much more. You can also find all David’s books and everything hidden from the public at www.davidicke.com. Hero, legend, a man of the people. David, welcome to the show.

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