Are They Going To Attack Again?

Aug 22, 2023

We've all seen Alex Jones over the weekend talk about his conversation with the US TSA agents, regarding the masks coming back into play in mid September, in order to trigger the trauma bonding with the narrative and the tyrannical government once more.  As inside the book by psychology expert Dr. Joose Meerloo, one of the most effective ways to control a human (like in battered woman's syndrome) is to attack them and then back off (giving favored or regular treatment).......and then to attack them again even harder. It would appear that they are potentially about to attack us again, to trigger the disempowering psychology of control found in battered woman's syndrome.

All modalities of mind control may roll out again in the fall and winter of 2023. I recounted many of the mind control tactics used by media and government against the public, in my May 2023 EU Parliament speech below. Everything about COVID from 2020 - 2023 was fake and fabricated but the crisis never has to be real. In order to fully control the public, the powers that shouldn't be only have to use propaganda and mind control to make it all appear real. If you can manipulate human perception, you can make the humans do absolutely anything.....including waiting in life to inject poison into themselves and into their own children. The dark and ancient groups who attempt to control our lives don't have the power to enslave us by force. We have to be psychologically manipulated, in order that we demand we be enslaved. If we refuse to comply and participate, this is all over within 24 hours. There is much hope.

It's also important to know that on going trauma changes the brain chemistry to detach our ability to care, cope or to get involved in any solutions against the trauma. If you want to know the type of research put into ongoing trauma and how trauma effects the brain (and how the government is in the trauma business, in order to better control the slave class) please click here for the documentary TRANCE - The Cathy O'Brien Story. No better documentary has ever been produced regarding trauma and how the government/media are purposely in the trauma business. 

Saying all that, the attack is not a guarantee but if it does come, there's only a choice few ways to deal with it successfully. I've been doing this sort of work for over 20 years and the solution spectrum, in order to avoid getting psychologically destroyed or manipulated during such an attack, is very narrow. My newest program isn't about sales or money or me becoming your guru. My new program is about you learning what works, as a solution to any attack that may come, regardless of what it is. My words of advice are simple. If there is an attack, be ready. Be more mentally ready than anything else and that's going to take acquiring key pieces of knowledge and guidance.

I can guide you and your entire family and even your friends if you wish. Jump on board and at least investigate this anti mind control and anti self-sabotage program by clicking the link below. Ask me any questions you have as well by emailing me at [email protected]. We're all in this psy-op together. Let's stick together as a team, as a tribe and as an empowered group of people who know what it takes to overcome anything they throw at us. This new program starts Sept 30th and seats are filling faster now, given the little bit of panic in the air. Don't panic, stay calm. This new program is online, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. All LIVE talks are recorded for future viewing. There's even an option to come hang out with me and your new POWER TRIBE in person. You'll understand everything when you watch the video included in the article linked below. Stay strong. See you soon. 


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