A Magic That Can Change Your Life in 2022

Dec 27, 2021
This picture will make you feel nice inside and that represents one of the biggest secrets in the entire Universe. Your emotions are part of a very basic vibratory system, by which you transmit out how you`re feeling.....like a radio antenna. The Universe (or what has been called "the ether" throughout history) is always there to support you. The ether has ability to pick up how you're feeling, every second of every day. How you're feeling is the only way the ether can determine what you're asking for in your life. The ether (the Universal support system) loves you and wants to provide you more of what you're asking for...by always assessing what emotions you're transmitting outward. The most frequent emotion is tabulated and then shown back to you, in an attempt to support what you're asking the magic field for, in your own life.
The field around you (also called "the zero point" field) will always assess your internal emotional state and will manifest people, places and things that fortify, increase or support the primary emotional state you're vibrating out. This very simple mirror and mimicking Universal support system is the only way by which a loving Universe can determine what you're thinking about and give you back more of what it thinks you're asking for. If you're a positive thinker and dreamer, the zero point field manifests people, places and things that will bring more positive outcomes into your life. The opposite is true as well.
This "you get what you vibrate out system" is also why our human farmers purposely drown our entire society in a tsunami of fear, doubt. guilt, shame, violence. terror, panic, drama etc with all their media releases ......so you always manifest people, places and things in your life that keep those negative vibrations escalating skyward. The Universe (as a support machine) doesn't assess if what you're vibrating will make your life better or worse...it just grants your wishes and makes what you're feeling a physical reality. Your wishes are your most dominant thoughts, emotions and images that you draw inside your mind's eye. This is also why alcohol, coffee, junk food, toxic medical drugs, narcotics (that they smuggle in) and poisonous science chemicals represents the most repetitive images in all their media releases.....because all toxins and poisons increase fear, panic and terror signals in our vibratory/Universal communication system. Once a person is toxic, the Universe (the ether.....a literal machine) does what it's designed to do...…which is to give you more of how you feel. Toxic people feel like garbage all the time. That becomes their most dominant signal and so all they get back in their life is more garbage. You can see it as plain as day when you run into any addict. The Universe gives them perpetual garbage in their lives because they're vibrating out garbage. Our human farmers pollute us purposely daily, as to change our radio station to "disaster", knowing this system of support will take care of the rest and destroy us in an invisible way. This is how a small group of ancient black magicians rule us to this very day, using this very simple technology. This is why health is always under attack in our inverted society and why science (a poison based belief system) is now the most dominant religion on our planet today. This is why gyms are "non essential" and food food, weed shops and liquor stores are "essential". They know how this magic support system works. It's time we all did as well. Once we're poisoned, our negative vibrations are all our social engineers need to trigger this Universal "mirror back" system, as to destroy our personal power and keep us under control.
What you see is what you'll be. You will indeed become your most dominant thoughts and feelings, regarding the most frequent emotions you vibrate out. What you hear is what you'll make clear in your own life. Hopefully you understand now why our ancient human farmers want you scared all the time, especially scared of things never proven to exist......like the invisible devil, the invisible pathogen, the invisible terrorist group, the invisible climate change and the invisible boogie man they'll always invent right around the next corner etc. Invisible threats, which only exist in the Hollywood productions of our ancient human farmers, are the historical fingers prints of this group. Fear of the invisible (threats never proven to exist) are their primary control mechanism for thousands of yeas on this planet, based on the simple workings of this "Universe/ether/zero point field personal support system" that they've known about for as long as time itself. They know this law is tried and true...…that we become our most dominant emotions, thoughts and imaginations. That is why "magi" is in the word imagination because you are the primary wizard or magician in your own life...…because your life is a reflection of what vibration you put out to the zero point field. If you want your life to change in 2022, change what you let into your eyes and ears, so your vibration goes higher...…and then a loving Universe will back you up by making sure you only get more of what ever that is. Turn off the TV and movie screen (and their radios, print media, government announcements etc) because these are their primary weapons used to inject fear, panic and terror into your fertile mind. In 2022, make a big change in your life by bringing back ancient knowledge that will make your life better. I teach these principles (in more concrete/modern ways) as a self sabotage coach. Go to my page today www.jchristoff.com and take a look around.


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