3 Historical Keys To The 2020 Con Job

Aug 12, 2023

There are key foundational cornerstones to all the societal cons throughout history. Those key foundational cornerstones were also involved in setting the public up for the CON of 2020, which now appears to have ended with nearly 700,000 US citizens alone murdered by their own hand. Using the most basic extrapolation parameters, 70,000 Canadians most likely have also murdered themselves. The governments didn't actually kill anyone because tricking people to kill themselves, via the use of propaganda, is something that's required in order that our ruling group stay onside legally. Our ruling group have very firm rules of engagement, when going to war with their own populations.

When you're in the ruling position, you need to be very careful to kill your own populations slowly over time, so the average person can't connect the dots or identify the real enemy attacking them. It's very hard to attack, murder and bankrupt the public plus sexualize/sterilize the children of any given target area by force. The people who rule us from the shadows have tried all that and more throughout history. It doesn't work. It doesn't work because when you attack your enemy head on, they can easily see who's attacking and they can resist accordingly. As you can easily see, with nearly 1 million US citizens killed by the COVID injection (and tens of millions injured), the other zebras in the herd just keep eating the grass, unaware of where their fellow zebras have gone. Picking the zebras off slowly but surely is the best method for clearing the savanna. Although 700,000 excess deaths may be attributed over 3 years to the COVID injection, that only represents a 10% increase above normal death rates, prior to 2020. That's an easy percentage to hide from the public, which leads people to believe things aren't as bad as all the conspiracy theorists say they are. In actuality, our reality is much more grave than most could ever imagine. The wolf is indeed in the hen house and people continue to blast themselves off the planet on command because they're under various forms of mind control.

If you can trick someone to attack themselves, attack their own children or attack their own economies......it generally gets very confusing for the people manipulated into such genocidal events because who would ever think anyone could be programmed to destroy themselves? Very few people would ever believe that such a thing is even possible and that's why psychologically manipulating the public to kill themselves is by far the most effective form of warfare ever developed. The ingredients you need to get people to destroy themselves are very simple. All you need are various sleights of hand and sleights of mind that are famous for installing concrete forms of trance based mind control into the collective. These same psychic spells can also get the public to sexualize their own children or sterilize them as well etc etc. These documented sleights of hand and sleights of mind work brilliantly to get the zebra herd running toward the cliff's edge and that's why these forms of attack are used so often in modern 5th generation warfare models.

Two of my favorite videos are below to help set the stage here. The first one exhibits some basic sleights of mind and then the second video demonstrates some basic sleights of hand. All people are suckers for both, especially if they know nothing about this topic.


The average person can't believe they could be tricked in this manner yet these sleights of hand and sleights of mind are extremely easy to execute on an uninformed public, as is clearly demonstrated in the videos above. If anyone believes that their taxes are necessary to run our society, that their conventional medical doctor is a health expert, that their government is looking out for their best interest, that the armed forces and police are there for their protection. that media is there to inform them so they can make informed decisions or they believe that injecting poison into themselves will make their health improve.......they themselves are proof positive that these mind hacks work very well on the average person. Ladies and gentleman, your mind was hot wired a long time ago.

Although basic mind control can work wonders on the average person, there are ways to increase the effectiveness of any mind control campaign. Those factors that increase the basic efficiency of simple mind control tactics are 1) fear 2) brain damage and 3) social conditioning that makes the person more likely to follow command and less likely to think things through in a rational way. (which just means the TV triggers their programming to walk out of the house and do what the TV tells them)

Although I could write a book on these 3 mind control up regulation tactics......it should be beyond obvious that fear was a massive part of the COVID psy-op. Brain damage was upregulated for decades prior to the attack with brain damaging modalities such as caffeine products, alcohol, mercury teeth fillings and other toxic injections....made normal in the slave camp via the application of brainwashing media. And of course last but not least, the entire government school system is designed as a non thinking/order following military training structure. That fact fully documented for the slaves to discover at anytime, if they so wish. Yet many don't wish to know anything outside their brain damaging/order following routines of comfort and perceived safety, because their childhood illusions of this world are cozy and their realities harsh. Without government schooling, chemicals that cause brain damage and weaponized propaganda that drive fabricated illusion based waves of fear into the collective.......the attack of 2020 would never have happened and could never have happened. An undamaged mind, at its center and free of fear, can't be hacked or hot wired. 

If you find this shocking, there's much more I could write that would shock you right out of your meat suit, so I'll wrap things up here. If you don't know what's going on, you need to come up to speed very quickly. These types of attacks have been going on your entire life, regardless of what age you are right now. In the past these attacks did leave some room for the average person to survive and even prosper, if they just executed some basic precautions. Currently, in this day and age, if you don't know what's going on, you're most likely going to die suddenly over the next 3-5 years. As a man who has been doing this for 25 years, having written over 3000 articles and having been interviewed over 200 times on the structures of these historical con jobs.......I don't say that lightly. There's no room for error moving forward. Watch the video below and if you need help, just write me at [email protected] and write HELP in the title. 




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