10 Things I've Learned Over The Last 3.5 Years

Aug 11, 2023
1. I've learned that large amounts of personal wealth do not equate to knowledge, regarding how this world really works.
2. I've learned that people have become so cozy inside their comfort comas, it has inhibited their natural maturation process out of an infantilized state, which all humans are supposed to guide themselves out of by the time they're 14.
3.  I've learned that people can look fit and strong on the outside yet can have no moral or ethical strength on the inside, thus leaving them open to be easily manipulated as perpetual children.
4. I've learned that many people were tricked through perpetual pleasures to stay "the forever child". It was these people who quickly decided to do what was easy, instead of deciding to do what was right. Many of these people have now paid with their lives and that number is only accelerating. We tried to warn these folks but they often attacked us, simply because standing against evil takes more effort than running with the herd. Ignoring evil is lazy and it comes with a heavy price.
5. I've learned that many people like to be told what to do because it's simply easier than taking personal responsibility for their own life outcomes. There's always a choice. It may not be an easy choice but there's always a choice. Fake safety short term isn't the same as real safety long term.
6. I've learned some people will double down on their childhood illusions and ignore reality, going so far as to place their entire soul down on the roulette wheel inside the life casino. The word SIN is in the middle of the word casino for a reason and when you make a bet that evil isn't tricking you.....you're going to often come up 11, snake eyes, which is an ancient number for death.
7. I've learned that some people will willingly sacrifice their own children, in order to fit into the chanting crowd of dark occultists that surround them.
8. I've learned what many people would have done in WW II Germany, which is to comply and to look the other way.....hoping the wolf would eat them last. I've learned who the real men are and what men were just bluffing. Inner strength is what determined the real men. Not muscles, not wealth and not professional fighter qualifications........inner strength separated the men from the boys.
9. I've learned that most people will fight to stay inside the slave camp, instead of putting in only one tenth of the effort to dig their way out.
10. I've learned that time isn't a straight line and that it's most likely a circle. That means what's happening is cyclical and even biblical, which also means that people basically have two options in this part of the cycle. They can step out into reality and fight this cyclical evil or they can cozy up to the evil and step into their graves. There is no door #3. Many have picked to step into their graves because they don't remember that Satan is the greatest trickster this world has ever known.


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