Podcast #172 - Jason Christoff - My Personal Health and Success Habits

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Cercadian Rhythms - bit.ly/3YnwohC

Government school is designed to weaken you and your children - bit.ly/40tlyZf

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Dangers of wifi - theemfguy.com/ and bit.ly/3HEj55N and bit.ly/3jBGEUU

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Different brain waves - bit.ly/3X2YYnn

How bad is TV for your brain - bit.ly/3YsfdLM

Overcome all forms of self sabotage - bit.ly/40uPJzn

Dangers of antidepressants - bit.ly/3XbHmFY

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The Healing Sun - bit.ly/3DEQI6o

Dangers of TV and Movie Mind Control - bit.ly/3RxqZ5x

Dr. John DeMartini business talk - bit.ly/3DMahJR

Paul's book "The Root Cause of Cancer" - bit.ly/3x0F2Ho

Paul Cancer Prevention Coaching Course - TESTIMONIALS on same page - bit.ly/3YlwjuI

Turbo Cancer from the shot - bit.ly/40wNLhR

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Carley (health coach) parasite and detox expert - [email protected]

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Separate programs can be found at my website - www.jchristoff.com

Vaccine detox article and podcast and links - all in one - bit.ly/3lf9tqn MOST SUPPLEMENTS ARE LINKED IN THIS ARTICLE

Link for Mega Food Supplements - megafood.com/
Link for Innate Response Supplements - www.innateresponse.com/
Renew Life for Parasite Cleanse, Digestive Enzyme and Liver Support - www.renewlife.com/


COVID Fraud Documentaries - bit.ly/3wUtchU (COVENOM -19 is in this list)

Cult of The Medics Documentary -bit.ly/3X7nnrV

COVID shot bioweapon - bit.ly/3DGGOkp and bit.ly/3X6smJA

Essential to kill COVENOM organism in the injection, which appears to spread to the unvaccinated
Medicinal grade Turpentine (contact detox expert Carley above)
Proteolytic Enzyme - bit.ly/3Yt3a14
Ivermectin if you can get it
Coffee Enemas (also listed in the detox article)
Parasite cleanse from Renew Life

Plus everything else mentioned in the detox article