Podcast #171 - Jason Christoff - The 15 Minute City

City Councils Controlled by UN - bit.ly/3HXSGRL

Map of all trial 15 minute cities in the future - SORRY it was a map of smart cities which are designed as tech surveillance towns and cities - this is a precursor to what's needed to implement mass control of the population with tech - bit.ly/3DII3Qd

Montreal a SMART CITY - which just means "prison camp infrastructure projects are being built" - bit.ly/3HWZhf7

Montreal getting ready to shut down the cars, make people work from home and vaccinate anyone permitted to ride the new overhead tram system - bit.ly/3YqXWmc

Dangers of the vitamin K shot - bit.ly/40wrYqI

Fluoride destroys you - bit.ly/3YmlzfN
Vaccines destroy you - bit.ly/3jwV3Bz
Pesticides destroy you - chem-tox.com/pesticides/
Teflon destroys you = bit.ly/3Y601o0
Microwaves destroys you - bit.ly/3l4Dnxz
Tylenol destroys you - bit.ly/40svVg3
Cell phones destroy you - bit.ly/3Xaj8f7
Birth control pill destroys you - bit.ly/3YjVLRi

Nurses and doctors employed to murder people in WW II Germany - same today - youtu.be/Rz8ge4aw8Ws

SARS-COV-2 doesn't exist - bit.ly/3JHdcHv

COVID fraud documentaries - bit.ly/3wUawyT

How bad is the COVID shot? Here's really all you need to know in two videos - bit.ly/3DGGOkp and bit.ly/3X6smJA

My 2 articles on 15-minute cities - bit.ly/3HVHWmY and bit.ly/3RvAUbH

Dan Dicks and Red Voice Media explaining the 15 minute cities and that they are fully masked zones - vigilante.tv/w/6sVj7ZkxuaeX5CjH6ovQMK

Edmonton map of 15 minute city - bit.ly/3JJkyua

Full Documentary NEVER AGAIN IS NOW - bit.ly/3DGNwHm

Guilt and Shame - lowest vibration measured to come out of the human body - youtu.be/UzgK5M-lSUc

Dr. Trozzi can review in his library several examples of medical doctors being sued and prosecuted for telling the public the truth about the new medicine - drtrozzi.org/library/

TRANCE - documentary with Cathy O'Brien - bit.ly/3YkW2UR

This group isn't Nazis really - it's a much older group that hide behind Nazism once but now hides behind The UN, The WHO and The UN - www.cultofthemedics.com/chapters.html

Joseph Mengele quote - binged.it/3wTB2bs

Sobey's purchases Farmboy in Canada - bit.ly/3YscaU7

My cricket podcast - User-50904611 – Podcast-164-jason-christoff-q-a-why-the-crickets

The Vegan Con - Veganism keeps MOST people weak - bit.ly/40stSZj