Podcast #161 - Jason Christoff - The Truth About Polio

20 Things You Don't Know About Polio - bit.ly/3MD1mxG

Vaccine Documentaries and Books Proving All Vaccines Are Complete Fraud - bit.ly/3TwPsYw

Edward Jenner (Father of Vaccines) injected his own son with "one vaccine" and then his son died of "another disease" within the year - sound familiar but it had nothing to do with the vaccine - amzn.to/3yMbdM0

Mind Control Documentaries - bit.ly/3MMFD6A

My Latest Lecture Regarding Mind Control and Overcoming Self Sabotage just recorded - bit.ly/3Sa0DVR

Video of lady put under hypnosis, while believing she could never be put under mind control - bit.ly/3zcDOdF

What aluminum in IV fluid, B-12 injections, kidney dialysis fluid does to your brain - bit.ly/3EYCRsK

Autism article proving vaccines cause the brain damage reframed as Autism - some links dead thanks to the people who rule you - bit.ly/3Vzw7rf

Spanish Flu Investigation - during the Spanish Flu experiments proved that sick people could not make healthy people sick - bit.ly/3TtWZah - Spanish Flu caused by vaccines - bit.ly/3VB617m -

Lawyer in Little Rock Arkansas talks about the Clinton's dealing cocaine - bit.ly/3VEtBjq

Watch Anthony Fauci - The Documentary Based on RFK Jr's Book -www.j8d2trk.com/N1LL2S/BP658/?uid=38

My podcast on Anthony Fauci- bit.ly/3EQDkNC

Test for COVID (the RT-PCR) is a complete fraud and was picked because it's a complete fraud - bit.ly/3VwxPtH

My podcast titled IT'S ALL FAKE - explaining everything fake about COVID, the testing, everything - bit.ly/3MFBmSg

TV Documentary proving watching TV causing brain damage - vimeo.com/181100690

Big Reset Documentary - a must see - bit.ly/3yP3cpm

Safe and Effective - A Second Opinion - a must see documentary - bit.ly/3yLunkY

Democide definition - the same prefix that starts the democrat party - no surprise there and I am not political whatsoever - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democide

20 Million Dead now from the shot and that's an official number but well below my estimates which lays the death rate as 60-100 million per year from the shot - bit.ly/3eCJmH2

Coffee will cause you brain damage - bit.ly/3CC52Ls

Alcohol causes brain damage - bit.ly/3MHViE1

Bill Gates gets into the brain damage coffee business - he's into anything "brain damage" because his group's power is based on mind control - cnb.cx/2FEyVyy

New documentary "Under The Skin" - a must watch - bit.ly/3T7mFd4

Fluvid -19 Another new documentary - bit.ly/3s6zd8F

Uninformed Consent - another new documentary - bit.ly/3snwQi9

The brain damage agenda - bit.ly/3Td7P4N

Paul Chek's book "How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy" - bit.ly/3s2DyK3

Paul Leendertse's book "The Root Cause of Cancer" - bit.ly/3VBg0tn

My course to become a Certified Self Sabotage Coach - courses.jchristoff.com/blog/become-a…e-coach-today

The second course I recommend is a course with the author of the book "The Root Cause of Cancer". A certification that can help people transform into a Cancer Prevention Coach. wheeloflifeacademy.com/pages/courses

The third option is with Dr. Gabe Roberts, a certification in Holographic Manipulation Therapy, a perfect therapy for removing trauma, fear and self destructive programs from the psyche. Use the code JASON for a discount on the interview process. www.elevateurhealth.com/HMT-course

Another business idea that got my attention was to become an expert in Tarot.. chekinstitute.com/tarot-workshop/