Podcast #159 - Jason Christoff - Why The One Party Chinese Political System Is Coming To The USA

"CANADA" sends $800 million to GAVI - Trudeau sends Gates and Schwab $800 million - sorry $600 million - bit.ly/3RMoHhW

Canada (again doesn't exist) partners with WEF (doesn't exist) to enslave real Canadians with a digital ID system - bit.ly/3Dg5qB6

Metals in Vaccines - bit.ly/3L4krbe

The MOTHER of all interviews regarding what's really in the fake vaccines - bit.ly/3RDhCjS

Menstrual pad with graphene strip hidden in it - all for your health and safety of course - bit.ly/3QEcPx7

Graphane oxide in shots which contain nano razor blades -bit.ly/3By4WFy

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - the actual book about how to kill humans so they don't notice - bit.ly/3RBSxG7

I call Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - WW III and I did a podcast on that - bit.ly/3Dd5EsX

Blue Truth Documentary - the injected folks and people who took the swab have electrical MAC blue tooth signals coming out of them - bit.ly/3xafPuf

If you want to know how much this group likes to kill watch this documentary bit.ly/3ROwpI0 or this documentary bit.ly/3SbsA03 or watch this interview -bit.ly/3L4hNSM or just look out the window

Vaccines killing and crippling en masse because they're designed to - bit.ly/3eGCWpW

Electricity lining up free floating graphene to form solids in liquid mediums -bit.ly/3eFnZEN and graphene reacting to phone EMF's - bit.ly/3eIYAKx

My podcast on the TRUMP TRAP - bit.ly/3Bw1I59

TRUMP Article from Health Impact News -Trump still telling people to get the shot that's killing and injuring millions world wide - bit.ly/3RBvBqe

David Icke also explains Trump's connection to the inner circle of genocide dealers - bit.ly/3RVrwNG

Voting in China - you can still vote for people put they're all from the same party - bit.ly/3xeULmr

Documentary - A Noble Lie - CIA (NWO deep state) blows up building in USA to start accusing anyone hating government as a domestic terrorists.......and so many more preplanned changes after the false flag event - it was the US government blowing up a building inside the US to gain power to kill its own citizens - bit.ly/3eGisO1

German government (same serpents in charge today) fired bombed their own Parliament building for the same BS reasons behind why the same grouped did 9/11 or bombed in Oklahoma - bit.ly/2Hek7p6

Klaus Schwab's Dad was a direct Nazi in Hitler's Nazi Party - bit.ly/3xdMDmu

After Trump's preplanned raid - the media read their script and started to try and bait Americans into a civil war by talking about it endlessly - Trump in on it the entire way of course - just playing his part bit.ly/3L609OD

2000 Mules - documentary of election fraud - bit.ly/3quybCG

British Royals still control the US and always have -youtu.be/AT6eodnYZGg

Police opening doors and inviting protestors into the Capital building - all fake and pre-planed in advance - bit.ly/3qr1INJ

Fully armed and weaponized police stand down during the invasion of the capitol building because they were ordered to - bit.ly/3RKclXs - the whole world is stage show for the slaves

Here's we can see the ancient group that organizes it all - www.cultofthemedics.com/chapters.html

The public are under mind control and may allow all this to happen because of how long the mind control agenda has gone on for - www.bitchute.com/video/qsRdCLydcVRV/

Putin on WEF team - bit.ly/3QsDgGc - they all work together to destroy the people of the earth

Other fake misleaders on WEF team - Nazi's - bit.ly/3qvdGpy