Podcast #157 - Jason Christoff - A Closer Look At The Starbucks Logo And The Poison Starbucks Serves

Article Regarding Coffee's Toxic Effects https://bit.ly/32FHkQa (14 Things You Don't Know About Coffee)

Podcast Regarding Coffee's Toxic Effects https://bit.ly/3nZggBT

Podcast Regarding Coffee's Toxic Effects https://bit.ly/3ewwM9D

Video Regarding Coffee's Toxic Effects https://bit.ly/3vQPVJc

Stephen Cherneskie's Book "Caffeine Blues" - https://bit.ly/3w97Flm

Starbucks logo progression - notice the spread vagina in the first versions and there's reasons for that - https://bit.ly/3pqFfzS

Siren is a mythical creature that kills - https://bit.ly/3ChydFf

Gluten in bread destroys your health and your brain - https://bit.ly/3ArA8Fz

Author of Wheat Belly talks about the dangers of wheat and gluten - https://bit.ly/3c41Q1Z

Author of Grain Brain explains how gluten and wheat destroy your brain - which is exactly why it's served at WW III locations in your area - https://bit.ly/3QIwoVS

Grains often sprayed with cancer causing glyphosate (Round Up) - https://bit.ly/3K4mqM7

My WW III podcast explaining that the people killing us have now tricked us (using brainwashing and mind control) to kill ourselves with poison - https://bit.ly/3w9xrWK

Can't seem to find the complete list of CIA endorsed mind control substances, which includes caffeine, but did find some basic information that people will be interested in - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MKUltra - will look for the complete list still

Bill Gates and Dad saves Starbucks from bankruptcy - https://cnb.cx/2FEyVyy

Gates and his Dad always involved in eugenics, which is the murdering of certain groups to maintain control - https://bit.ly/3C8ZKbP

Mind control documentaries - https://bit.ly/3bYCRNs

Egyptians invented the beer for the slaves for the same reason MK Ultra Mind Control focused in on alcohol as well - https://bit.ly/3wbxIbQ

Starbucks has about 33000 poison distribution centers today - https://financesonline.com/number-of-starbucks-worldwide/

The Disappearing Male - BPA super toxin but there's millions of toxins in the environment today that disrupt our bodies and minds - all on purpose to weaken people and increase the ease by which they are placed under mind control - https://odysee.com/@No_Snake_Oil:2/The-Disappearing-Male:2