Podcast #150 - Jason Christoff - The Ukraine Flag Mind Control Explained

Some explanations regarding one group running each and every country over time - start here - bit.ly/3zqPgTR and maybe this bit.ly/3zpRuTb (focus on the Nazi aspect to these talks because the Ukraine is a known Nazi hot spot)

Not sure how many links are still live in this article which starts to uncover what I noticed long ago.....that all the countries, flags and borders are fake because each leader gets their orders from the same group - bit.ly/3Q98h36

What's really happening in the Ukraine - if you go to truthful sources, you see one common thread connecting all the material and that is NAZI's - a group of people never defeated in a war - a group of people who reorganized elsewhere - this bit.ly/3Mzg9rv and bit.ly/3Q9g9By and bit.ly/3tqhtX3

3 Choice Documentaries About Who's Really Running All The Countries
1. bit.ly/3QkIXHs *Cult of The Medics)
2. bit.ly/3H5Locx (History of The Jesuits - the most hated group maybe in the ancient world)
3. The Jesuits disguised themselves inside the Freemasonc Order -bit.ly/3QcIC9G

Russia and Ukraine export 1/4 of the world's wheat - bit.ly/3azOo4N

Bread (full of gluten) will destroy your health anyway - the removal of wheat targets the poorest of the poor, which is always the target of the ruling 1% - bit.ly/3934IKS

In this cache of doctor and scientist interviews we do hear many state that anyone who have taken this shot will have a very shortened life span - bit.ly/3mN1DlH

It's such a coincidence, everyone is supporting the Ukraine but the Ukraine can't get their food production out to the world who is supporting them - reut.rs/3Q3twDn

9/11 completely planned by the same group to push anti freedom agendas - to prime the legal system for the communist COVID attack - bit.ly/3O6snt0

Oklahoma City Bombing - exactly the same group for exactly the same purpose - bit.ly/3Ntl52p

Sandy Hook (gun control issue) - this attack isn't as cut and dry as 9/11 and the Oklahoma City Bombing but it has all the markings of a preplanned attack - bit.ly/3zraSzq

As we can see here in the Parlkland Florida school shooting in 2018, the police (armed) also stood down and let the operation occur. bit.ly/393jlxM

Officers at the most recent Texas school shooting also instructed to stand down - same MO - same orchestrated result - yes, this group kills people and doesn't think twice - that's who you're dealing with - adult up - they don't hesitate - bit.ly/3NF0fx5

All these planned events are designed to control the population through irrational emotions - the emoji agenda - bit.ly/3H6I7tv

NBA basketball coach Steve Kerr doing his part with irrational emotional reactions instead of calm and rational thinking - bit.ly/3Q5heKN

Dr. Vernon Coleman always refers to the COVID injections as murdering people - - odysee.com/@VernonColeman:9

Canadian police stomping over peaceful protestors with war horses, do we want these folks to have all the guns?- bit.ly/3zrxVtL

Bill Gates says "reduce population" 4 times - bit.ly/3xk2lvi

Biden sending US money and arms to Ukraine - cnb.cx/3NyDTNS

Freemasonic hand puppet Bono is Ukraine pumping the propaganda - bit.ly/3aIwOLO

Hand puppet Trudeau arrives in Nazi strong hold Ukraine - bit.ly/3MAqTpz

Angelina Jolie gets the order from her handlers and also arrives -bit.ly/3xe62Tn

group behind all this propaganda theater is very old - bit.ly/3MAm27V

Nigeria vaccine rate is listed at 8% but more like 3% - bit.ly/3H6Tvpl

Monkey pox outbreaks in only the areas that are under attack by The WHO, the WEF and The UN - bit.ly/3zqe5z7

Mind control documentaries - bit.ly/3xyg8zV

COVID doesn't exist - bit.ly/3aIYZud

Monkey pox doesn't exist -bit.ly/3xu9F94