Podcast #148 - Jason Christoff - Tricking You To Destroy Yourself And Why They Do It

First realize the countries are fake, controlled by the same group, and that the US is being depleted of its war machine because an organized conflict in the Ukraine was planned long ago, as was making the US vulnerable to a Chinese attack, which is also planned to be coming up soon -www.newstarget.com/2022-04-25-war-…ons-stocks.html

30% of the population can easily be mind controlled - Aldous Huxley explains -www.youtube.com/watch?v=caCkMX6YdYU

Who you're dealing with here is the ultimate evil
1. youtu.be/UKwYOK4Pcyk
2. odysee.com/@coronamirror:d/eur…-documentary-2019:6
3. www.cultofthemedics.com/chapters.html

Mind control documentaries and examples of real life mind control - courses.jchristoff.com/blog/mind-con…mind-control/

Shanghai zero covid policy is pretty tough considering there's no COVID and that COVID is an excuse to murder the public, organized by the ruling 1% and pushed down to the slave class to execute upon each other - odysee.com/@TrickS:a/chinazero:4

All the countries, flags, borders and leaders are fake - it's more than obvious at this point - bit.ly/3NkIVga

Trudeau sweating in ceremony - they were always planning this disease based attack for hundreds of years - getting the political actors in place took decades and decades - youtu.be/ykIFQsDaou8?t=90

Proof of a Conspiracy (book)- www.gutenberg.org/files/47605/47605-h/47605-h.htm

Spanish flu wasn't Spanish and wasn't the flu - odysee.com/@Anon:96/TheSpanishFlu:1

It's also important to note previous investigations into situations such as the black plaque were undertaken, with many similarities and questions unanswered - odysee.com/Poisoning-the-Wells:2

Famous quote of not having the ability to survive traitors from within - bit.ly/3sGtKpJ

Jeff Berwick's book "Controlled Demolition Of The American Empire" - amzn.to/3lkmsUy

Soldiers being destroyed by vaccine in the US army so China can come in and steal America for the group who controls both government structures - bit.ly/3MnPYVv

Georgia Guidestones and depopulation - bit.ly/3LfJ8jz

My Podcast "They've Done This Before" - bit.ly/3yLDF18

Mike Maloney The History of Money - bit.ly/3FSFWcu

The Dangers of Coffee - bit.ly/3NllSSI

The Dangers of Alcohol - bit.ly/3wlbowO

Fluoride causes brain damage - fluoridealert.org/studies/brain01/

Fluoride causes cancer - bit.ly/3sBvPDq

New toothpaste for seniors - extra fluoride poison - amzn.to/3wldMnq

COVID shots killing en masse - bit.ly/3FZGNIn