Podcast #145 - Jason Christoff - The COVID Awards

Mind control documentaries - courses.jchristoff.com/blog/mind-con…mind-control/

SARS-COV-2 has never been isolated so it obviously can't infect anyone with a unique set of disease symptoms - it's all fake - User-50904611 – Podcast-126-jason-christoff-does-covid-exist-or-not

Injuries and deaths from the fake COVID vaccine are astronomical because this is the design of this agenda - https://healthimpactnews.com/2022/42507-dead-3984978-injured-following-covid-vaccines-in-european-database-of-adverse-reactions/

Vaccines have always been poisoned delivery devices - courses.jchristoff.com/blog/document…-vaccination/

Democrats committed voter fraud in order to hijack the government infrastructure, which in turn is being used to cull the US population without question or resistance, doing this on behalf of their handlers who aren't situated in the US - www.theepochtimes.com/t-voter-fraud

Autism is a word used to describe the end result of science, medicine, government and media always colluding to poison children - courses.jchristoff.com/blog/vaccines…tism-symptoms

My free talk on what really drives cancer growth and spread - jchristoff.mykajabi.com/free-cancer-talk

Myself and cancer reversal expert Paul Leendertse provided an amazing cancer reversal and prevention talk - courses.jchristoff.com/reverse-and-prevent-cancer

The Bull Cult of Molech (child sacrifice cult) still alive and well today - courses.jchristoff.com/blog/a-child-…n-plain-sight

Podcast "They've Done This Before" - User-50904611 – Podcast-134-jason-christoff-have-they-done-this-before

No research what so ever to validate the use of COVID vaccines - rumble.com/vleq43-informed-con…its-your-right.html

RT-PCR test for COVID (which doesn't exist) can't test for anything - courses.jchristoff.com/blog/covid-te…est-for-covid

JP Sears explaining the side effects of the Pfizer shot alone - in a comic way - youtu.be/BgHlteDvIws and this podcast - User-50904611 – Podcast-143-jason-christoff-the-pfizer-safety-data-release

Why is the government trying to kill its own citizens? One easy answer - User-50904611 – Podcast-128-jason-christoff-why-are-they-attacking