Podcast #144 - Jason Christoff - Emergency Survival Podcast

Howie Mandel American's Got Talent Mind Control Example - bit.ly/3JF1dYm

Justin Williams Mind Control Example - bit.ly/3un5gSH

Mentalist Lior Suchard Bends Harry Connick Jr. & Alice Eve's Minds - youtu.be/J94uO-urSTg

Mind Control documentaries - bit.ly/3JA7KU8

My podcast "They've Done This For" - bit.ly/356s9kF

Climate Change is A Hoax - bit.ly/3IwrTsJ

SARS- COV-2 (the virus that's claimed to cause COVID) doesn't exist - bit.ly/3qxMhnj

Viruses don't exist - none of them - bit.ly/36hq0Dn and paradigmshift.uscreen.io/ and bit.ly/3tBF9Iy

My podcast regarding the profit involved with killing humans - bit.ly/3uqGMI0

Ventilator, remdesivir and bonuses for fake COVID tests etc - designed to kill patients - my podcast on the issue - bit.ly/3wuQYC7

Conventional medical system the #1 cause of premature of death in the US (and in the EU as well)- bit.ly/3Izojye

Pfizer safety data dump explained by JP Sears - bit.ly/3tzgbcz

Cancer exploding in the vaccinated - bit.ly/3JDmsK3

Aldous Huxley explains the percentages of the population who can be put under mind control - bit.ly/3IyFEHy

Lia Thomas is a guy who competes in women's swimming - all about normalizing the illogical, irrational and unnatural - cnn.it/3iv3qJJ

Canada debt clock - www.debtclock.ca/

Zero Covid Policy in China - bit.ly/3NgLhOc

US is a UK Colony - bit.ly/358U9Ei (from documentary The Ring Of Power)

RT-PCR test for COVID is also fakes - tests for nothing - bit.ly/3D6hIdf

It's All Fake - my podcast regarding all things COVID - bit.ly/3D7W2h9

Great Reset explanation - bit.ly/36hcQ9u

Jesse Hal Interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup on The Missing Link Podcast - bit.ly/3JAbOnm

Joost Merloo Book - amzn.to/3qwhzee

Digital ID System coming to enslave the day - bit.ly/3JwyyEC

Double Bind Mind Control - bit.ly/3quVAUQ

Mexican Temp VISA Application for Canadians - bit.ly/3Jv301X (if you don't quality, get down here and contact me)

Also charter a private jet and get out of anywhere in North America - www.freedomtravelalliance.com/

The Dollar Vigilante Affiliate Link - bit.ly/3iyutDW (even gets some friends together and split the cost - you want "The Dollar Vigilante" plus "The Crypto Vigilante" subscriptions........both

Dr, Bryan Ardis explaining the killing of patients for profit in American hospitals - bit.ly/356MFSf

My other survival podcasts - bit.ly/3JRfelT and bit.ly/36mk1Nu and bit.ly/3ugezDO and bit.ly/3qv56Hs and bit.ly/37LdwnG and bit.ly/3IucjOt

Cash Fridays from Catherine Austin Fitts - bit.ly/36HkBp1

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