Podcast #135 - Jason Christoff - Why Most People Beg For Their Worst Lives and How To Turn It Around

Learn the truth about government - courtesy of Larken Rose - youtu.be/N6uVV2Dcqt0

Government's changing the definition of "vaccination" because the COVID shot does not provide immunity - www.cnsnews.com/article/national/…ction-vs-immunity

Government schools designed to destroy children - archive.org/details/WeaponsOfMassInstruction and odysee.com/@SlavesNoMore:b/Dum…Charlotte-Iserbyt:0 and youtu.be/OUkeXs2cSJI

Mind Control Documentaries - courses.jchristoff.com/blog/mind-con…mind-control/

Alcohol destroys on all levels - courses.jchristoff.com/blog/professo…he-government

Weed destroys brain function that alerts people to danger - www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEXz1HCcdNk

Freemason insider explain how the freemasonic order really works - odysee.com/@Documentaries:38/AltiyanChilds:5

Coffee destroys and this is why our human farmers want everyone on caffeine - courses.jchristoff.com/blog/14-littl…-about-coffee

Robert Kiyosaki explains the drive to keep most people poor -www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyiZUl0re3k

Killer Calendar -courses.jchristoff.com/blog/the-killer-calendar

My website - courses.jchristoff.com/

Psychiatrist Discusses The Trauma of Circumcision - bit.ly/2R3fAxq
Circumcision Proven to Negatively Alter Brain Function and Brain Development - bit.ly/2R6K2Xt
Scientists Explains The Torture Aspect to Circumcision - bit.ly/2SeOl0p
Psychology Based Medical Journal Documents The Psychological Destruction of the Child By Circumcision - bit.ly/2rLlvJo
What's even worse is that hard core proponents of circumcision declare that it's a good defense against HIV and the HPV virus.......which demonstrates the power of one lie, to be built upon another lie.
At this added link, the concrete proof that both HIV and AIDS have never existed in the format we've been indoctrinated to believe. bit.ly/2DNAEBL
At this added link, the concrete proof HPV doesn't cause cervical cancer what so ever and that any fear over the HPV viruses is purposely fabricated to sell one of the most toxic vaccines on the planet.....the HPV cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil. bit.ly/2JozBHw

Medicine is a license to kill - www.webdc.com/pdfs/deathbymedicine.pdf

PCR, the test for COVID, is a fraud - courses.jchristoff.com/blog/covid-te…st-for-covid/

A solider with 7 tours of duty explains the army to the public - youtu.be/_8rbHwMXMT8

Vaccine documentaries proving all vaccines are toxic and decrease health - courses.jchristoff.com/blog/document…-vaccination/

Obama legalizes propaganda on the US public - www.businessinsider.com/ndaa-legalize…2-5?r=MX&IR=T

Paul Chek's book "How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy" - thechekshop.com/product/how-to-ea…-move-be-healthy/