Podcast #133 - Jason Christoff - 2021 Year In Review

Mass formation explain by Professor Mattias Desmet - a media brainwashing campaign that can make the public believe absolutely anything, including things that don't exist like a) a fake covid virus b) fake threats associated with a fake virus c) a fake test for a fake virus and d) a fake altruistic government, which executes evil in plain sight, while the public cheer leads their own deaths on every level imaginable - bit.ly/3q72f7Q

Charlotte Isberbyt (education staffer inside Ronald Regan's administration) explains that foundations of the government school system, which is to dumb down and propagandize the children into super obedient slaves - www.bitchute.com/video/mDojK2Ddqwd2/

John Taylor Gatto (the world's most famous public school teacher) pens an entire book exposing the history of the government school system, which is designed to destroy the independence, the creativity and the humanity of the children - archive.org/details/WeaponsOfMassInstruction

Nurses and doctor always programmed to kill at the whims of the ruling 1% - documentary titled "Killing Nurses of The Third Reich" - www.bitchute.com/video/D7XJvhpgLdqv/

Your phone is a behavior/data hacking device, which is designed to modify your behavior via impulse feeding of fake feel good emotions into your nervous system - www.bitchute.com/video/lbP3hXX0ltgT/

We don't live in a free market society - we live in a fabricated economic reality, completely controlled by the ruling 1%, which has nothing to do with capitalism and freedom inside a free market system - bit.ly/3G9gGxP

Viruses don't exist - never have - it's all fake to poison you into disease and then blame invisible pathogens which have never existed - www.bitchute.com/video/YKktYdEGBRnP/

COVID as a virus also never proven to exist but that is what I mean, all viruses are fake and never proven to exist - www.bitchute.com/video/YKktYdEGBRnP/

Documentary titled THE TIME IS NOW explaining the complete COVID con job, which is founded on making people believe in a mass formation IN A VIRUS NEVER PROVEN TO EXIST - thetimeisnow.movie/

Catherine Austin Fitts explains that the pensions are empty and have been for a long time - rumble.com/vl3dnd-catherine-au…l-covid-agenda.html and rumble.com/vr2mhp-catherine-au…nvestigative-c.html

5% of vaccine batches responsible for 100% of the deaths - bit.ly/3n80HsD

Dr, Andreas Noack discovers the nano razors blades in some of the vaccine vials, which kill and injure very quickly - bit.ly/3HNqzSl

Explore 7 great side hustles to get more control of your life - bit.ly/32TbMXD

Become a self sabotage coach - bit.ly/3t7uhlN

Mexican relocation expert - THIS IS AN EMAIL ADDRESS [email protected]

David Icke great interview explaining so many aspects of the false, fake and fabricated COVID con job - bit.ly/3HHabmi

THE EVENT - David Icke's great talk and so much knowledge - paid access but still very cheap - 2021.theevent.global/

Killing Kids with the vaccines - bit.ly/3q6cwkH and bit.ly/3JRXmHK

Trudeau requotes genocidal leaders of our past because he gets his orders from a very old cult that controls Canada and all commonwealth countries - bit.ly/3n8fFPn

Trudeau's loyalty is with one family and one family only, as has been every other commonwealth leader who makes the exact same oath during their swearing in ceremony - bit.ly/3nb0Lrz

Elections were faked in the US last year but they've always been faked, it's just now more people are noticing - as a committee in Georgia swears the dominion voting machines (built in Canada) can't be hacked.......a team hacks it in real time during the investigation -bit.ly/3n8JKhB

Mind control documentaries and examples of mind control - bit.ly/3q7VFxX