Podcast #97 - Jason Christoff - Top 15 Reasons To Skip The New Injectable Medicine

The COVID-19 vaccines do not qualify as vaccines - https://bit.ly/3lFDvjt

Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine is a computer operating system - https://bit.ly/3lFDH2b

No vaccine has ever been proven to increase immunity or resistance to disease - documentary list - https://bit.ly/2Qoa9dE

Medical doctors explaining what happened in animal studies for past COVID vaccine attempts and what's coming for people potentially who have already been vaccinated - bit.ly/3leKC25 and bit.ly/3bLVVM5 and bit.ly/3lh7spB and - bit.ly/3cuOzLV and bit.ly/3tk6trD and bit.ly/3c1mEnT

Medical doctors trying to warn the public about the COVID-19 nodemic - https://bit.ly/2P3l3VQ

Medical doctors and PhD scientists warning about the COVID-19 in general - https://bit.ly/398LZum

Dr. Toni Bark explaining the antibodies don't mean you're immune - it's a lie - https://bit.ly/3fdn6lb

All vaccine makers shielded from legal liability regarding deaths and injuries caused by the COVID-19 vaccine - https://bit.ly/3c9Xe7I

COVID vaccines in the US crippling and killing like no other injection of poison before it - https://bit.ly/3lHH8oU

Vaccine induced deaths and injuries are vastly under reported - https://bit.ly/3lHHBYc

Death and injuries caused by the COVID vaccine in the UK are sky rocketing - https://bit.ly/3f7SUYE

The pandemic was faked with regular deaths, in regular groups, at regular rates......advertised as irregular - https://bit.ly/2QxqTiR

US government lists potential side effects from Pfizer's COVID vaccine death, heart attack, stroke and paralysis - https://www.fda.gov/media/143557/download

Bill Gates stating 4 times that vaccines can reduce population by 15% - doesn't exactly sound like it's going to make everyone "healthy" - bit.ly/2OW3fvM

Bill Gates and his family exposed - https://bit.ly/3sgL8iz

Gates and all eugenicists still targeting the minority population today for removal - https://bit.ly/3sfyeS9

Discover what eugenics is from a historical perspective - https://bit.ly/3flONID

Facebook link - Pfizer's criminal past - easy to research as well - https://bit.ly/3tJkeAr

Virus mind control movies exploded into the public over the past 15 years - https://bit.ly/3remtdk

The SARS-COV2 virus is proven concretely not to exist - https://bit.ly/318LpYW

Medical doctor explains that SARS-COV2 doesn't exist and never has and the virus has never been isolated - https://bit.ly/2P52Nvj

Viruses never proven to spread - sick people never proven to make healthy people sick - https://bit.ly/3f7VEVG

Disease is never proven to spread from person to person - click on the link which takes you to an article - bit.ly/3mlRAlt the article has within in the published study - click on the study and scroll down to where it says - EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDIES

Deaths the same in the US between 2019 and 2020......and the survival rate for COVID is 99.96% - https://bit.ly/398Fd7Q

Book from medical doctor Dr. Thomas Cowan new book - viruses aren't the cause of disease..... https://bit.ly/3rhkAfO

Chances of dying from SARS-COV2 (a virus that doesn't exist) is 1 in 19 million if you are 54-65......and that's a high danger age bracket according to our human farmers - https://bit.ly/3cTzfbS

COVID test can't test for COVID - https://bit.ly/2Pk0Lr1

Side effect of the Pfizer covid vaccine - includes death, paralysis, stroke and heart attack - https://bit.ly/3d05BSn

Fauci first fraud and murder spree was with the LGBTQ community - https://bit.ly/2QCAO6V

HIV never proven to cause AIDS - FRAUD! - https://bit.ly/3ceQVje

Infertility agents in the new COVID vaccine - https://bit.ly/3cdt2Ze

Infertility vaccines already in Africa -https://bit.ly/2OZa4g8

Canadian Lawsuit and similar ones are under way all over the world - https://bit.ly/3lKYtgO