Podcast #99 - Jason Christoff 04/07/21 - 12 Ways Your Doctor Is Killing You

TV puts you into trance and that makes you completely suggestable - www.psychmechanics.com/how-tv-influe…mind-through/

Proof you have no real control over your behavior - but the people who know these ancient secrets do know how to control your behavior beyond your conscious awareness

Mind control example #1 - bit.ly/2z2pt7D
Mind control example #2 - bit.ly/2Azu6GC
Mind control example #3 - bit.ly/3dDOftW
Mind control example #4 - bit.ly/2Xuq3V5
Mind control example #5 - bit.ly/2LV7fvd
Mind control example #6 - bit.ly/3ivPxKG

1. The osteoporosis medication Fosamax (and others like it) were designed to trick a bone density scan, by keeping dead bone in the bone matrix. Dead bone is supposed to float away in the blood but Fosamax forces the dead bone to stay. This weakens the bones until the bone often disintegrates into dust, most often happening in the hip or jaw. The class action law suits against Fosamax and other drugs like it are massive. https://bit.ly/2N8ZAET

2. All pain medications increase heart attack risk because pain killers shut off nerve communication in the body (so you can't feel the pain) but unfortunately the heart and brain also need nerve communication to operate. Pain killers can stop this communication, causing an instant heart attack. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/05/170509192112.htm

Documentaries proving vaccines are designed to kill and cripple - https://jchristoff.com/documentaries-that-include-100s-of-health-professionals-warning-the-public-about-the-dangers-of-vaccination/

Jeanice Barcelo explains that ultrasounds are radiation and the people organizing your poisoning know this - https://youtu.be/GiTw50R1drs

Aluminum is in IV bags, vaccines, the vitamin K shot, allergy shots, b-12 shots and kidney dialysis fluid and this is what injected aluminum is doing to your brain - all by design - https://youtu.be/1V8Busricx0

Tylenol, liver damage and many other odd effects caused by using Tylenol - https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/01/08/more-reasons-to-avoid-acetaminophen.aspx