Podcast #101 - Jason Christoff - Surviving The Summer of Government/Media Lies in 2021

5 medical doctors describe COIVD vaccine as bioweapon - https://bit.ly/2PN8ezz

Vaccine deaths in US - https://bit.ly/3gWxcrn

Vaccine deaths in EU - https://bit.ly/2QSxWDd

Only 1% of vaccine injuries are ever reported - https://bit.ly/3egNjhN

Bill Gates states vaccines are designed to reduce population - https://youtu.be/8BobKXkrt8M

David Icke's Books - https://bit.ly/3nT1Xis

TV shuts down thinking - https://bit.ly/3vH4sXO

Mind control documentaries -
Pseudology - https://bit.ly/3gZmn7P
Out of The Shadows - bit.ly/2IRClCz
Micheal Tsarion – Architects of Control bit.ly/2OzVM2U
Alan Watt – Cutting Through The Matrix bit.ly/2qcrNiz
Prison Planet – State of Mind – bit.ly/2QbnP91
Jerry Kroth – American Propaganda – bit.ly/2IDyJk7
Adam Curtis – The Century of Self - bit.ly/35kvaZR
Psy-War -bit.ly/2ZQrHRH
Rule from The Shadows - bit.ly/2ElvE9y
Fear and Social Control - bit.ly/3mzlOly
Manipulating of the Masses - bit.ly/3mxqyrU
Media and The Generations - bit.ly/2G6w0Bh
Mark Passio – De-Mystifying The Occult – bit.ly/2PciPPe
Scott Retsima – Media on The Brain – bit.ly/2osR64p
CIA Mind Control MK-Ultra Documentary – bit.ly/2vi2d3F
TV Mind Control Documentary – bit.ly/2zRHyRH
Tyranny and Eugenics through Public Health, Bioterrorism, and Injectable Medicine Part 3 - bit.ly/3ogxSbV
Quincy Davis – Subconscious War – bit.ly/2BefCMd
Truth SteamMedia – The Minds of Men - bit.ly/2E1CygO
Interview with Chris Everard - bit.ly/2MuPj6O
Jordan Maxwell – The Naked Truth – bit.ly/1BuOYY6
Agenda 2 The Masters of Deceit - bit.ly/3bN0vtO
They Live - vimeo.com/400848529
Agenda - Grinding America Down - https://bit.ly/3tj37Vg

SARS-COV2 doesn't exist - https://bit.ly/3nJUjqm

No extra deaths in Canada from 2019 - 2020 - https://bit.ly/33aylDH

Lack of oxygen causes cancer (masks) - https://bit.ly/3b0LCTq

Masks cause brain damage - https://bit.ly/3xE3Jbw

Graphene in masks causes cancer - https://bit.ly/33cWFVp

Peanut oil vaccines - https://bit.ly/3eSyD7x

Saudi's travel permitted with vaccine passport - https://reut.rs/3uk5PLw

Vaccines always proven to kill - https://bit.ly/3eQSKDd

Swab test sterilized with ethylene oxide - causes cancer - https://bit.ly/3gWAU4h

Swabs also toxic in other ways - https://bit.ly/3uhG4vx

Test for COVID can't test for covid - https://bit.ly/2QW2LXw

Government as religion - https://bit.ly/3xL39c8

Self Sabotage Coaching School - drop your email in here - https://bit.ly/3vJ1odN

Cancer Prevention Coach - https://bit.ly/33eHwmo

Marisa Peer Hypnotherapist - https://bit.ly/3thXWoD

Mexico Move? [email protected] (Margaret)

Nicaragua Move? [email protected] (Rachel)

Deagel.com depopulation doc - https://bit.ly/3ucP8Sl

Obama makes propaganda legal - https://bit.ly/3gWCF1n

Icke video about ruling families - https://bit.ly/3eQh3kw

Cyber Polygon details - https://bit.ly/3eQCp1k

UK government admits the sick people will be the vaccinated - https://bit.ly/3vBKEVJ

Nurses killing today as they did in WW II - because they are taught to follow orders - https://bit.ly/2RiaDTb

School is designed to produce dumbed down order followers - https://bit.ly/2SgZzGi