Podcast #110 - Jason Christoff - Survival and Prep

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London subway bombings - another "drill" gone live - https://youtu.be/KJUVqcNDZlk

9/11 - another planned event/drill gone live - https://bit.ly/2SALKmP

Event 201 - another "drill" gone live - about a corona virus infecting the world, out of China. Event 201 went live in Oct 2019 - connect the dots - https://bit.ly/3qyaQiE

The next "drill" is cyber polygon - electrical and internet outage - https://bit.ly/3jq4QqA

COVID fake kill shot vaccine taking down the TV watchers en masse - https://bit.ly/3xYPvkS

Ex KGB Agent explains this sort of subversive take over to destabilize a country before the tanks roll in - https://bit.ly/3A9BR0f

SARS-COV-2 (the virus) doesn't even exist but that should come as no surprise if you understand what's happening - https://bit.ly/3h3Enxr

TV is proven a mind control device capable of more destruction than any army could inflict on any people or region - https://vimeo.com/420599504

UK government admits that anyone stunned enough to get both shots of the poison will be dead or sick in this fall of 2021- clause 32 and 56 in their own report - https://bit.ly/2UbB26s

Biderman Chart of Social Coercion - the public are being manipulated to kill and destroy themselves -https://bit.ly/3hgu4VQ

Thousands of doctors and PhD scientists now trying to warn the public about the fatal and eugenic design of the fake COVID vaccine - https://bit.ly/3qAinxt

Teens of course dying and being crippled now as their brainwashed parents throw their kids into the satanic circle for sacrifice - https://bit.ly/3612zug

Governments forced to admit they don't have SARS-COV-2 anywhere and therefore by all scientific standards - it doesn't exist - https://bit.ly/3h3uu31

Medical evidence committee in the UK calls for the fake COVID vaccine to stop immediately because the data proves it's not safe or effective - https://bit.ly/3wdZGRz

Mask analysis proves masks are soft killing our kids - but should we really be surprised - https://bit.ly/3x6jx6m

The fake covid vaccine includes magnetic ingredients to turn the injected into wifi transmitters and receivers - https://bit.ly/3jm9HJz

X factor winner describes what cult rules the world from behind the scenes - https://bit.ly/3hg0jEH

Meat plant getting shut down by FAKE cyber attack - https://bbc.in/3hkNety

No extra deaths in the US - https://bit.ly/3h3lPxp

No extra deaths in Canada - https://bit.ly/3dsnLgR

Organifi some supplements I think are very valuable - https://www.organifishop.com/