Podcast #115 - Jason Christoff - Are You Missing The Reality Show?

9/11 Documentary proves that it was coordinated to start removing freedoms - in order to maintain power as an individual and to even produce food (and any goods and services) you actually require societal freedom - the people in charge intend to attack our food, water, heat, hydro and anything else we need to survive, so they need to remove all freedoms first - https://bit.ly/2VaEiA3

Complete list of mind control documentaries and real live mind control examples - https://bit.ly/3rKPiQj

Medical doctors explaining the COVID scam regarding everything from a faked state of emergency, to a fake virus, to a fake testing protocol and everything in-between - https://bit.ly/2VhFT6O

Graphene oxide has been found as the main ingredient is these vaccines - it's a poison of course - no surprise there https://bit.ly/3j03JMo Now what is also odd is this talk by David Icke regarding Graphene's ability to be a great conductor of electromagnetic frequencies like wifi - https://bit.ly/3yiCeEe and then we have this scientist in 1995 trying to warn the public that they are developing magnetic vaccines to control the population mentally - https://bit.ly/3rJ3qtv

Root Cause of Cancer book from Paul Leendertse - https://www.thepurposeofcancer.com/book

John Taylor Gatto's book - "Weapons of Mass Instruction" - proving school is designed to make children stupid and dependent on the state - https://bit.ly/3C073jj

BBC announced the collapse of building 7 o 9/11 20 minutes before it collapsed - via a reporter with building 7 over her shoulder as she announces that it already collapsed "all of a sudden, with no warning" - a known mental torture application - show the torture victim they are helpless to the corruption - https://bit.ly/3xdIpIE

UK Royals - what you're not told - https://bit.ly/3lhJXyH all roads lead back to the UK Royals and then to Rome and then to ancient Egypt and then just keep going back in time

The many ways government and industry collude to destroy brain function of the public - https://bit.ly/37gbo3G

"Death by Medicine" from Dr. Carolyn Dean and Gary Null PhD -https://bit.ly/3zWFu8Y


"Death by Food Pyramid" - https://amzn.to/2TJ4Ibi

Alcohol article - your human farmers drown you in alcohol for a reason - https://bit.ly/3BZ7J8I

Alcohol kills 3 million per year - https://bit.ly/3ieOmAT and junk food and cigarettes kill 11 million and 8 million respectively - https://bit.ly/3ieP3dd

Ex KGB agent explains the mental destabilization tactics always used during a communist take over, where the power of the people is removed by destroying our freedoms, so the public never threatens the ruling class and then becomes dependent on the parasite class for our survival, which means the ruling class can kill at will - https://bit.ly/3rO3XdQ

Dunning Kruger Effect - https://bit.ly/3lcp4oN and https://bit.ly/3C0FDdj

Marvin Hagler killed by COVID vaccine - https://bit.ly/3zSlp3y
Hank Aaron killed by the COVID vaccine - https://bit.ly/3icnIbK
DMX (rapper) killed by the COVID vaccine - https://bit.ly/3ihiZFP
The Black Community has been the target of medical eugenics for hundreds of years and they know it - https://bit.ly/3jaiMmL

1000 COVID Stories - stories of COVID vaccine deaths and injuries - reporting by families and victims - all hidden from the public purposely by a corrupt government and media - https://1000covidstories.com/

1 vaccine death and vaccine injury recording website in the US - https://bit.ly/3lhLZz0

Lawsuit on behalf of America's Frontline Doctors - whistle blower says there's 10 other COVID vaccine death and injury sites and that just 1 of the 10 extra "hidden" reporting sites lists 45,000 Americans dying of the COVID vaccine in a 72 hours window after taking the shot - https://bit.ly/2Vr4M04

Circumcision - https://bit.ly/3lfqQFD

Learn about Satanism as a daily practice of many people in our culture - https://bit.ly/3xhuH7k