Podcast #117 - Jason Christoff - COVID Q and A - The Ventilators

Podcast 116 talking about why the government is now linking the vaccinated to outbreaks of COVID https://bit.ly/3iuS3T0

Virus has never been proven to exist. Disease has NEVER been proven to transfer from sick people to healthy people - https://bit.ly/2U5ZTJt

COVID virology fraud explained in only 19 minutes - SARS-COV-2 has never existed - https://bit.ly/3lN4s6J

COVID is about bankrupting as many countries, institutions, people and companies as possible and coming in to purchase everything for pennies on the dollar - https://bit.ly/2Vx3voF

Barbara Wren's book "Cellular Awakening" - https://amzn.to/3CBG9Po

Mind control documentaries prove that you can make humans believe in things that don't exist AND THEN SOME - https://bit.ly/2VJismX

Jordan Maxwell - communism strong hold is NY City and California - https://bit.ly/3lM49sO

Nurse describes the genocide of patients in NY City hospitals through ventilator induced deaths - https://bit.ly/3fNuX8x
Another Nurse claims that hospital staff is killing patients with ventilators - https://bit.ly/37C08yN
Another nurse speaks up about what was happening in the NY hospitals - https://bit.ly/3lOaUuc
Another nurse talks about what was killing patients in NY and it isn't COVID - https://bit.ly/3xBpNSO
Doctor talks about ventilators killing patients - https://bit.ly/3s8vxCv
Cuomo demanding NY needs more ventilators - https://cnb.cx/37yWuWF
NY adding to fraudulent COVID death counts at will - https://nyti.ms/37rQC1o
And then the ventilator genocide is admitted to - https://bit.ly/3ArXR5Y
Even more talk of nurses and doctors killing patients - https://bit.ly/3yAni4M

Doctor discovers that his father in law was murdered in a hospital using a genocide medication pathway invented by Dr. Fauci, which obviously was invented as a genocide application https://bit.ly/3fOej8G

WW II holocaust carried out by doctors and nurses, for the most part - https://bit.ly/3lOdpww

HIV/AIDS fraud organized AGAIN by Dr. Fauci - https://bit.ly/3izB8Pb
Doctor explains the foundation of the HIV/AIDS fraud - https://bit.ly/3fNFgcz

Frank Zappa quote - https://bit.ly/3As9ee5

US death counts from the fake COVID vaccine - https://bit.ly/3s2HeL9
EU death counts from the fake COVID vaccine - https://bit.ly/3s8xdfh
UK death counts from the fake COVID vaccine - https://bit.ly/3xyUg4e

American Front line Doctors launch a lawsuit regarding a whistle blower who has evidence that there are many more vaccine deaths than are being reported - https://bit.ly/3m1PFWb

Black and minority communities constantly under attack by media, medicine, government and science- https://bit.ly/3lKVren

First nations people in Canada being destroyed by government and medicine via the fake COVID vaccine - https://bit.ly/2VD5MOQ

Doctors and scientists coming out of the wood work to warn against taking the COVID injection - https://bit.ly/3fPtzlD

Fauci now trying to upgrade a kill shot injection from emergency use "authorized" to "approved" - https://bit.ly/3xCkcMd

Graphene Oxide
Graphene in the face masks - bit.ly/3A2S7iM
Graphene found by Spanish scientists in vaccines - bit.ly/3yhXrOK
Actual Spanish scientists who made the graphene discovery - bit.ly/3jfmfkh
Graphene in the shots - bit.ly/3xwgV17
Pfizer employee (ex) explains the poisonous graphene in the shot - https://bit.ly/2XetAsX
French scientist warning about mind control vaccines in 1995 - https://bit.ly/3s6um6Q
THIS IS THE VIDEO - Graphene oxide CAUGHT reacting to wifi - https://bit.ly/3s1n7gk
Certainly may explain the magnetism after their fake vaccination - https://bit.ly/3At7cKQ
Graphene based brain interface - https://bwnews.pr/3s6eYXK
It only gets worse the deeper you investigate - https://bit.ly/2VGVuNi

Musk's 5G Starlink system will be the trigger for remote control of the "vaccinated" or instant euthanasia - https://bit.ly/3lMdwZw

Take the jab get prison sentence cut in half - https://bit.ly/3yC6yd9

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