Podcast #118 - Jason Christoff - All Things COVID Q and A

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This one article has all the proof a person needs to PROVE the COVID death numbers and infection numbers were faked beyond belief in the early months of this agenda - https://bit.ly/2VLGNcj

Dr. Scott Jensen is also included in the article linked just above this comment

Gone in 60 Seconds trailer - https://bit.ly/2VPvnnM

Dr. Jerry Kroth explains propaganda and mind control (including the Gone in 60 Seconds Movie) - https://bit.ly/2VKKjDQ

Vaccine director in the UK admits first round of Pfizer destroys your immunity so more of those vaccines are needed (10 per year) - https://bit.ly/3xJuSJa

Swedish medical doctor suggesting 5 shots of the poison per year or you won't qualify as vaccinated - https://bit.ly/37Aj3dk

COVID vaccines NEVER proven to stop any sickness and never proven to stop spreading disease - https://bit.ly/3xDGEV9

Viruses never proven to exist. No scientist or researcher in world history has ever been able to prove sickness can pass person to person..... https://bit.ly/3xCYRCn

Graphene is the poison of choice in this agenda
Graphene in the face masks - bit.ly/3A2S7iM
Graphene found by Spanish scientists in vaccines - bit.ly/3yhXrOK
Actual Spanish scientists who made the graphene discovery - bit.ly/3jfmfkh
Graphene in the shots - bit.ly/3xwgV17
Pfizer employee (ex) explains the poisonous graphene in the shot - bit.ly/2XetAsX
French scientist warning about mind control "magnetic" vaccines in 1995 - bit.ly/3s6um6Q
THIS IS THE VIDEO - Graphene oxide CAUGHT reacting to wifi - bit.ly/3s1n7gk
Certainly may explain the magnetism after their fake vaccination - bit.ly/3At7cKQ
Graphene based brain interface - bwnews.pr/3s6eYXK
It only gets worse the deeper you investigate - bit.ly/2VGVuNi

Virus movies up-regulated to program the population before the attack - viruses don't exist and disease can't spread from sick to healthy - people believe so because of movies and other brain washing tactics - https://bit.ly/3xEdRzO

The TV and movie screen as powerful mind control military weapons - https://bit.ly/3fRtRZe

Find out a little bit about your rulers - with this https://bit.ly/37xCoMo and https://bit.ly/3lVfHKD

School designed to destroy the children - https://bit.ly/3fUtugH

This group kills and keeps killing the public for all of history and beyond - kills minorities the most - https://bit.ly/37CPqYV and https://bit.ly/3jJJYt3 and https://bit.ly/37A2mil

High ranking Freemasons are satanists - literally - https://bit.ly/3AFvP7b

No extra deaths in the US during a "pandemic" - https://bit.ly/3yEpmIQ

Dr. Stephanie Seneff explain it takes 12 years to get a vaccine to market with 98% of proposed vaccines failing - https://bit.ly/3jHn2uq

Vaccines NEVER proven to do anything but poison people covertly - https://bit.ly/37ydWdV

Doctors step forward to explain this shot isn't a vaccine, that anyone taking it is inside a medical experiment/trial and that it's a toxic bioweapon - https://bit.ly/3ABxdYc

Vaccine designed as a weapon and you can't sue the vaccine makers when the shot kills or cripples you - you only have yourself to blame - https://cnb.cx/3CIJHiu

Vaccine insert is empty - https://bit.ly/3fSjVyQ

The RT-PCR process for COVID can't test for any disease but it can be manipulated at will to mark people as sick when they're perfectly healthy - https://bit.ly/3ANZIST - with a turn of the dial, the pandemic can appear or disappear anytime, anywhere......and they're turning them all up again Oct 2021.

CDC turns down the RT-PCR machine, so vaccinated people pass the COVID test - all fraud - https://bit.ly/3lVsUTB

In this Netflix documentary it explains that the Nazi's hunted the Jews at night, during curfew and this is what curfews are for - so the smart, moral and powerful people (who don't want to inject the poison) are easier to hunt down, kill and imprison - let's make sure it never gets there - https://bit.ly/3yHHWQe