Podcast #121 - Government Moves To Vaccine Euthanize Its Own Workers

Canada breaking Nuremberg Code and coercing employees to participate in a medical experiment -https://bit.ly/3j6z8hz

Government is actually a religion - Larken Rose explains - https://bit.ly/2UG36j4

Catherine Austin Fitts explains that the government is bankrupt and can't pay its pension obligations - https://bit.ly/3zg9PPY

Freemanons (high ranking members) are Satanists and represent a covert world government - https://bit.ly/3gtirv3

US fake COVID vaccine deaths - https://bit.ly/2UEXfKQ
Brazil fake COVID vaccine deaths - https://bit.ly/38aT0df
EU fake COVID vaccine deaths - https://bit.ly/3sGEAL8
UK fake COVID vaccine deaths - https://bit.ly/3B0wtMu
1000 COVID Stories - https://1000covidstories.com/

Mind Control Documentaries - https://bit.ly/3yd6XSz

DOCTORS, NURSES and PhD SCIENTISTS step forward to explain this shot isn't a vaccine, that anyone taking it is inside a medical experiment/trial and that this injection is a toxic bioweapon - bit.ly/3ABxdYc

COVID virus never proven to exist - https://bit.ly/3ybmKkF

Even more odd, no viruses have ever been proven to exist and disease never proven to spread between people - https://bit.ly/3B9zYAw

Blood clots primary side effect of the COVID vaccines - https://bit.ly/3sLeJ56

The New Normal - a dream of the ruling 1% - to get rid of the humans and usher in a world of AI - https://bit.ly/3myAfsv

Nurses and doctors always programmed to kill the people in all holocausts - https://bit.ly/3zgD6dh

Spanish researcher who discovered graphene in the injection explains a good protocol for its removal after injection - bit.ly/3lWkQSC

Graphene is the poison of choice in this agenda
Graphene in the face masks - bit.ly/3A2S7iM
Graphene found by Spanish scientists in vaccines - bit.ly/3yhXrOK
Actual Spanish scientists who made the graphene discovery - bit.ly/3jfmfkh
Graphene in the shots - bit.ly/3xwgV17
Pfizer employee (ex) explains the poisonous graphene in the shot - bit.ly/2XetAsX
French scientist warning about mind control "magnetic" vaccines in 1995 - bit.ly/3s6um6Q
THIS IS THE VIDEO - Graphene oxide CAUGHT reacting to wifi - bit.ly/3s1n7gk
Certainly may explain the magnetism after their fake vaccination - bit.ly/3At7cKQ
Graphene based brain interface - bwnews.pr/3s6eYXK
It only gets worse the deeper you investigate - bit.ly/2VGVuNi
Graphene oxide toxicity - bit.ly/3m2i91G
Graphene for water treatment now even though it's poison - I did NAZI that coming - bit.ly/3805FiW
Graphene is a necessary ingredient to hook us up to the smart cities - bit.ly/2XxnCn2
Graphene in the shots confirmed - https://bit.ly/3guYILs

The Ancient Inversion Cult running these death cult operations - https://bit.ly/3BbqTaq

Dr. Ryan Cole (good doctor) explains that the vaccinated have less immunity. Dr. David Bauer (a bad doctor) explains the exact same - https://bit.ly/3mIFUMX

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky Increased Risk of Severe Disease Amongst Those Vaccinated Early - https://bit.ly/3DeLvQM

Donald Rumsfeld explains the 2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon - https://bit.ly/2UHWcd4

9/11 - Same Group - Different Massacre - https://bit.ly/2XOuSuV

The PCR machine used for testing COVID is fraudulent on every account, no exceptions - https://bit.ly/3sH6Ld8

Deaths and injuries of children at the Sydney Olympic Stadium - Parents not permitted inside - https://bit.ly/3mqKgrP

Kids of ZERO risk of catching COVID, even if you believe it exists, which it doesn't- https://n.pr/3jeusq1

Vaccine documentaries proving these injections are a multi generational con job - https://bit.ly/3sL2wwU

Epic AI running COVID hospital protocols - https://bit.ly/38ctQe6

Doctor discovers that his father in law was murdered in a hospital using a genocide medication pathway invented by Dr. Fauci - COVID protocols run by EPIC are set to kill - bit.ly/3fOej8G