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The Attack on Men and How Men Can Find Their Way Again


Come work with me LIVE online with a very large group of like-minded individuals who want to live a better life

  • Easy to understand presentations and always entertaining
  • The material I present can't be found anywhere else  
  • There are chemicals and behavior modification psychology being weaponized against the males on this planet
  • A dark agenda was hatched long ago
  • A society is easier to invade and take over when the males are missing or weak
  • The women are noticing that real men sightings are getting less and less frequent
  • Men themselves are also noticing something about their own physical strength and their mental strength as well..........it's decreasing and they don't like it easier
  • Men and women are equally confused regarding the disappearance of the alpha male
  • Of course the media and government are the jackals directly involved with this agenda to covertly take over the pride land
  • An agenda to remove the great male lion, so the hyenas can rule the pride land and sit atop pride rock as new tyrannical kings and queens
  • The hyenas are clever and stealthy, too weak to engage in a direct fight with the alpha, they use manipulative psychology and feminizing science chemicals to turn the great male alpha lion into an easily controllable lamb
  • There are solutions to all problems in life, all you need is a good coach with lots of experience
  • It's time the alpha male lion regained his proper cosmic throne atop pride rock
  • It's time to drive the science and psychology based hyenas out of the pride land
  • It's time all males remember their true cosmic role inside the tribal circle.....as protector of the weak, the innocent and defenseless
  • It's time for truth, light and it's time for action
  • The harder you try to push a balloon under the water, the greater it will try to break to the surface
  • Come work with me later this year (date to be announced) so that you can protect yourself and your family from an extremely nerficious agenda
  • If you can't make it live, the event will be recorded and made available to you within 48 hours