Word Magic and How To Build A Better Life Today

Mar 26, 2023


Word magic has a massive impact on your metabolic functions, as the part of the mind that can read word magic operates outside your conscious awareness. The key placement of words, even if the words are hidden in not so clever ways, is proven to alter your behavior and perception. As usual, the key to controlling the masses is to control what goes into their eyes. To control the "I" (the person), you must control what goes into their "eyes".

This is also what the censorship is about, controlling the information that enters your eye, so the controllers can control your beliefs, perceptions and behaviors. Censorship downregulates the truth and upregulates the lies....so the public mimic, copy, emulate and fall in love with the lies.

The word "desserts" is indeed stressed spelled backwards and the flooding of our communities with brain damaging toxins (like wheat flour, sugar and other common poisons) is all part and parcel of the 5th generation warfare model launched at the free world for at least 70 years. The more unhealthy you are, the easier you are to govern, steal from, control, manipulate and lie to. Why did so many comply with pushing a lie under their skin over the last 3 years? It's because the 5th generation warfare model has been applied perfectly to the populations of the once free world, to the point where many are too overweight, addicted, sedated and afraid to resist their own enslavement. If you want to do your part in this battle, stop using your face as a battering ram for toxins and stop using your mouth as a garbage compactor for poison. Also understand that poison isn't health care. Poison can't make you better, healthier or give you a better quality of life. Poison doesn't work like that. Start thinking for yourself. It's that simple. Start with you, in your own life today and start building your strength. Then use that strength to say no to your enslavement, regardless of what form that slavery takes. It's that simple.

Jason Christoff



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