Why You Should Never Shop For Your Life OFF The Predetermined Government and Media Spinner Rack of Soulless Choices

Feb 17, 2022
You can have any job you want but you can't start any business you want. The government will provide pizza at the school cafeteria but they won't provide organic vegetables. You can learn how to fill out a resume at big brother's slave training camp (called government school) but they won't teach you how to fill out a business plan. You can vote for the people who rule you without your consent but you can never vote for the laws that govern you. The government can use your phone to track everything you do and everywhere you go but you can't use your phone to cast a vote for the laws that enslave you....that would just be too complicated. You can use your Facebook for alcohol selfies and pictures of your cat but you're not permitted to expose the secrets of the ruling 1%, in regards to how our current information based control grid advertises, promotes and glorifies any lie that keeps the slave class lobotomized, uninformed, diseased, dis-oriented and dysfunctional. You can have free-dumb but never freedom. You can have all the rights you want but only in the areas that don't count. You can be an absolute human mess but you can never be an absolute human success. You can pick from the media and government pre-approved choices on the soulless spinner rack of shitty life options but you can never dream outside the postage stamp sized illusion that your controllers manufacture for you to live upon. You can believe in an endless array of countless limitations about what's possible but you're not permitted to see that all possibilities are indeed within your control. You can decorate your empty life with all the colors of the rainbow, as long as the only colors you use are black and white.
You can give money to the cancer charity but you're never permitted to talk about why so many people have cancer. You can support the troops as long as you never mention that they should be home with their families, instead of fighting fake and fabricated wars initiated by false flag events. You can buy toxic Dasani and Aquafina water at the sports arena but you can't get any clean natural non toxic water. You can repeat exactly what the TV, radio and newspapers tell you but you're never permitted to think independent of the state sponsored propaganda. You can attack the free thinkers but you can never talk fondly about them in and around the sedated, distracted, TV watching mouth breathers down at the coffee shop. You can cheer for any sports team you want of course because the ruling 1% don't care what you do with your time down in the slave camp, as long as you're not researching what's really going on. You're completely free to put on the sports jersey with another man's name on the back and believe that you're heroically in the game. As long as you're giving your energy to disempowering yourself and maintaining the illusion. As long as you're doing things that don't count, you can have all the fake freedoms you can handle. You can regurgitate what ever you're told at school but you can't ever think for yourself and still expect to make the grade. You can always work at a job you're not going to like for the next 30 years but you can never give yourself orders and take full control of your own existence. You can have all the cosmetic surgeries you desire. You just can't ever be satisfied with yourself and stop consuming your own soul. Obey, comply, lie to yourself, lie to others, repeat what the TV says and take safety inside the lie based illusions set up for you by a group of ancient social engineers who work the human farm exactly like any other animal farmer does.....and it's harvest time.
The key to ruling the masses is to give them unlimited freedoms in the areas that don't count and then limit discussion and choice to those areas only. Keep the public living inside a postage stamp reality, where all they know are the possibilities inside that minuscule postage stamp.....nothing more, nothing less. Inside the postage stamp reality, manufactured by decades of media/government brainwashing and indoctrination, the fabricated belief that "the government and the doctors would never collude to openly euthanize me" lives inside that very postage stamp. That means anything outside that postage stamp can never be processed by the mind controlled inhabitants of the postage stamp. That means anything outside the fabricated reality on the postage stamp can INDEED BE OPENLY EXECUTED BY GOVERNMENT, MEDIA AND MEDICINE but it can never be processed by the person mind controlled to live inside the postage stamp. That means the government can openly hunt, cull and destroy the inhabitants who live in the prefabricated postage stamp reality....and those people can never react. Look out the window. Tell me what you see.
Today our current system hyper normalizes everything that keeps you an absolute human mess....while at the same time advertises everything that would make you truly happy as square, not with the times, taking life too seriously, too uptight, not fun or too much trouble. It's easier to fall than it is to rise and this has the lazy masses demanding their highlighted time in the limelight.....where the corrupt, inept and criminally insane are told that they're the victims and that every moral or sane person is to blame for their failures and inadequacies. 30% of our society is now inside a mass formation hypnosis/psychosis and their inability to consider truths outside their postage stamp illusions are threatening the existence of the human race.....literally.
The media and government have now colluded to form the most powerful criminal enterprise in recorded history. A crime syndicate that advertises, promotes and positively reinforces every self destructive behavior under the sun. This collection of the most mentally defective humans on the planet (hiding behind the altruistic labels of government, media, medicine and science) are now providing our most corrupt, soulless and empty citizens a form of emotional attention that sees millions stampeding to poison themselves and their children right off the planet.... every single day. Our current systems of reward failure and punish success.....which facilitates an incentive system that sees 30% of the population racing to the bottom at light speed. We live within a place that eats souls. Protect yourself with health, morality, ethics and real freedom. Lets drive this darkness back into the cave from where it came.
Tomorrow bring your power back. Lets start doing what counts and living lives that matter. Start tomorrow morning. Build your dreams, not your nightmares. Go to jchristoff.com for some extra help in this regard. See you over there. Let's get things moving in the right direction in 2022.


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