Why Were You Born? What Is Your Purpose? Why Are You Here?

Jan 24, 2022
I was shopping today for some items I needed. There's a big difference between needing something and wanting something. There's also big difference between being wealthy and being broke because you try to purchase your way out of a miserable North American existence with the shiny new thing of the day. Since we're on the topic of money, I used to spend about $30,000 per year killing myself with drugs, bad food, steroids and booze. I also don't blow money today on things that I don't need but I used to in the past. I used to spend another $30,000 per year on things I didn't need. I've stopped the self hatred based investments trying to fit into the death cult and I also moved the "decorate my empty life with lie-ahria" budget down to zero as well. I've been saving that $60,000 per year now for about 18 years. It's not hard to have a couple extra bucks in your back pocket if you understand the mind control and brainwashing traps that are set purposely for you by government and media....to make sure you stay broke, dis-empowered, overweight, stunned and sick. Without government or media, your life would be amazing every single day.....and yet government and media are so evil and so abusive to their victims, they convince people that our lives would be worse without them. No bigger lie could ever exist. Government (and media) maintain their power by destroying yours, like any abuser.
As I was shopping today I watched a bigger overweight gentleman pushing his cart, which was full of garbage foods that literally deliver your worst life to your front door, in 30 minutes or less, or its free. I looked at the situation differently for the first time in my life and thought "he wouldn't kill himself like that if he knew concretely that he would have to deal with his sickness and clean up his own mess." See in Canada, because our paid misleaders have been grooming the nation into bankruptcy and socialism for decades, no citizen is really expected to bear the brunt of their own illogical, short sighted, infantile and irrational decisions. Canadians and Americans as well believe that it's their first amendment right to self gratify and never think of how their screwed up brains or bodies impact the collective. When this guy gets sick because he uses his mouth as a garbage compactor, he gets taken care of for free in Canada. When he can't work, he gets taken care of for free as well. When he gets a disease caused by his unhealthy lifestyle, he gets more attention and more free handouts than any healthy and logical person would ever get.....for taking care of themselves and never making themselves a burden to the system. Healthy, independent and motivated people are public enemy #1 here in Canada. It's a very clever mind control and brainwashing strategy that our cultural enemies have installed into the collective psyche via corrupt media and government systems.
And all this described was never about developing a socialist paradise here in Canada. That was never the goal. The goal was a society of hyper dependent, lazy and unemployable people...........manufactured by teaching the population that the goal of being alive was to party and live like tomorrow would never come. This again was done purposely by the forces who control the Canadian government from afar, in order that this hyper dependent and dis-empowered population could never resist the end goal, which is what we're seeing today walking in plain sight.
The end goal is simple and it has to do with "ending" the people who can't figure any of this out....in their dependent, sedated and distracted mental states. It's been a trap the entire time. A plan in the making for at least 70 years. A plan to produce the guy walking by me today, as what I was seeing was never his natural state. This guy I was looking at was born powerful, independent and capable. The ruling forces, masquerading as our altruistic governments around the world, know that you can't rule powerful, independent and capable citizens. What ever the goals of the ruling 1% are (and their goals are always dark and insidious), those goals are only easier to accomplish if the people being ruled are nothing more than mental infants and physical weaklings. As this man walked by me today I realized that what I was seeing was the best he could do after a mind control and brainwashing barrage via government schooling, dis-empowering government directed social programs designed to make him a perpetual dependent, a brain damaging food supply plus a medical system that convinces people that they can poison their way back to health. This man was built from the ground up as a product of weakness, a product that could never offer any sort of mental or physical push back to his aggressors. And that's why Canada's in so much trouble because you can only rule lambs, never lions. The great Canadian lion has been gradually turned into a dependent and weak lamb over the past several decades.....to close the circle it appears on the fate of the country. Fighting this slave system is easy. You just need to regain your lion status, your strength, your independence and your ability to think logically about everything rocketing out of government and media.
It's time to realize that we've all been hunted in this way, much like a Thanksgiving turkey is given everything it needs to stay warm, fed and comfortable before the big profitable day when the turkey is slaughtered...and the cycle starts again. I remind people often that humans are the only farmed animal on this planet that can hop the fence and take out the very people who run the human farm. It's time to really focus in on that truth. Stay strong in 2022. Don't buy things you want. Focus on what you need. Stop using your mouth as a garbage compactor. Start protecting your body. You only get one. Kick start your dream machine. Take full responsibility for the results in your own life. Take care of yourself. Lead by example. Quit coffee, alcohol and TV to start...and then work your way out to the other things that you need to remove from your habits. Your habits either build your dreams or they build your nightmares. Read that again. Make sure your existence isn't so shitty, that the most exciting part of your day is sticking poisons in your mouth, as to sedate to your pain. You were born for more than that. We all were. Power to the people. You were born to do great things. Your purpose is greatness. You were born great. True story. Don't let a corrupt government and an inverted woke left media system convince you otherwise.


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