Nov 18, 2021
When my wife was pregnant we knew the vaccine issue was coming our way and we put it off as long as possible. As the day fast approached, I started to investigate and compile some information for my wife because she trusted that I would make sure she understood what the main issues were regarding vaccination. We had heard vaccinations were potentially dangerous but we didn’t know if that applied to all children or just some. We weren’t aware if vaccination was beneficial for some babies and maybe not for others. We were new to being parents and we didn’t want to make any mistakes. We certainly didn’t want our baby getting sick if we could do something about it proactively. We wanted our baby to have the most comfortable journey through life possible and if that meant giving our new born vaccines, so she could avoid disease now and in the future, then that’s what we were going to do.  After researching for a couple of days, we were more than shocked at what we were uncovering.

1. Vaccines Have Never Been Confirmed To Increase Immunity or Resistance To Disease – this fact baffled us and how could it not? We were completely shocked at this discovery, within a research period that had us reeling from one perplexing discovery after another, regarding what we thought we knew about about vaccinations. Vaccines are advertised to be safe and effective at preventing disease but the only standard that vaccines are held to during their testing trials is if the vaccine injection primes the metabolism to produces antibodies in the vaccinated research subjects. Vaccines are deemed successful ONLY when they promote antibody production in the blood stream, specific to the vaccine material that was injected but we found out there’s one big problem. The presence of antibodies doesn’t mean a person is immune to disease because we have several occurrences and research that indicates that vaccination doesn’t produce antibodies each and every time. There is also lots of ignored research that indicates antibodies produced through unnatural means (like vaccination) DO NOT equate to increased immunity or resistance to disease. Such research can be found here to start. In vaccine research the test subjects are not followed into the real world to see if they get sick or not, yet the vaccine is deemed successful anyway when antibodies are produced even though antibody production doesn’t mean increased immunity or resistance to disease. It’s only a theory and an untested one at that plus a theory is only valid in science until an exception to that theory is found. If only one exception is found, the proposed theory is no longer valid and there are many exceptions to the antibody production = increased immunity theory. These are the vaccines they wanted our daughter to take, 24 in the first year of life within Canada, 26 in the US.

2. Vaccine Manufacturers Refuse To Conduct Any Research To Prove Vaccines Increase Resistance to Disease or Immunity and The Government OKs This Entire Process – so after we learned that vaccines were never proven to make a person more immune to disease in the real world (because vaccine research only tests antibody response, which doesn’t relate to increased immunity), we asked why this research isn’t being done. At that point we discovered that the government themselves along with both science and medicine all block this research from being done because they deem such research unethical.  “Come again?“, said myself and my wife, as the contradictions in logic started to pile skyward. How is injecting unproven vaccines into my child considered ethical yet testing if those vaccines really improve immunity or resistance to disease…unethical? At that point, we didn’t understand the entire vaccine debate but we clearly understood that something wasn’t adding up with what was being said verbally and what research was being conducted or being blocked behind the scenes. In this video the top US government official for vaccination admits inside a Congressional Hearing that there is no research between vaccinated and unvaccinated groups, to prove vaccinated groups are more immune or more resistant to disease. So as my wife and I would repeatedly hear from government medical officials that vaccines were safe and effective, we always asked that official  “Compared to what?safe and effective compared to what other factor?“, given there are no comparative studies between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations? In most cases the doctor had no answer and ended up with a complete look of bewilderment on their face that such research wasn’t conducted because they assumed it was………..but they were wrong and they never bothered to look themselves. That of course was shocking all on its’ own, that the doctor pushing the vaccines as “safe and effective” didn’t know this. Vaccinating parents should also be aware that it’s very obvious there’s no follow up calls, surveys or questionnaires after their child is vaccinated, to document the health of the child in general or the diseases the child obtains in their early years of life. This should raise many red flags for any parent believing that there’s no way to safely study if vaccines are effective or not.

3. Babies Don’t Have Fully Developed Immune Systems Until 1-4 Years After Birth – infants do not have fully developed (or even close to developed) immune systems until between 1-4 years of age, depending on what research is being reviewed. Regardless, all research is firm that no fully active immune system is available inside an infant less than 1 year of age. When we asked our doctor why vaccines were required for newborns, our doctor responded that vaccines were used to increase function of the immune system to help with greater disease resistance. I asked, “how can a vaccine stimulate an infant’s immune system when no immune system is fully present to stimulate?” There was no answer from the doctor, so not only was very little making sense, it was quite clear that the doctor wasn’t used to fielding logical questions about vaccination from her patients. After only a couple of questions, it was more than obvious that we were being lied to, whether our doctor knew she was lying to us or not. Just how much we were being lied to, we only found out later, but such blatant contradictions got our guard up immediately. If there’s no fully formed immune system in an infant under one year of age, why are 1 year old infants recommended 26 vaccines in the US and 24 in Canada? Why is the vaccine schedule most heavily weighted in the first year when 1) there’s no fully formed immune system available to stimulate 2) no research follows infants after vaccination to see if they are more immune to disease in the months or years after vaccination and 3) antibody production doesn’t equal immunity anyway. It was becoming obvious to us why so many were having issues with the pro vaccine science, which was turning out to be more belief and blind faith than anything else.

4. Infants Acquire Immunity Boosts from Their Mother’s Breast Milk  this is proven of course, that an infant acquires boosts of their immune system from their mothers breast milk, inheriting the immune strength found in the mother. This may not seem like a completely relevant point but it certainly struck me as odd that there was very little breast feeding promotion coming from the medical institutions, the government or science in general………..in comparison to the tsunami of vaccine propaganda we were drowning in. If a child’s health and immunity were the #1 priority of this “health system” and breast milk was proven to be a major factor for an infant’s immune strength, why was there so much pressure to vaccinate and very little pressure in comparison to breast feed, let alone any pressure on the mother to eat properly, to ensure her immune based chemistry was at peak levels before it was transferred over to the infant? There was too much vaccine promotion (which is unproven lets not forget) and too little in other areas regarding care of the infant. To claim care of a child’s health but to only push unproven vaccination mythology, within the system, really started to bring things together for us as new parents.

5. We Actually Read A Vaccine Insert – under the international medical law of informed consent, each patient exposed to a procedure that could kill or permanently injure them, must be given the related documents legally warning of that risk.  We weren’t even aware at the time that each vaccine insert legally declares that each and every vaccine can either kill our child (directly or indirectly) or that our new born daughter could be crippled for life from the vaccine, which has never been proven to increase immunity in the real world. We also must remember that government, medicine and science block the research that would clarify if vaccinated people are actually more immune to disease compared to non vaccinated people.  So no research exists to prove if the vaccine will increase immunity or resistance to disease in my daughter plus the vaccine is legally documented to have the potential to kill or permanently injure my daughter. This decision was becoming clear for my wife and I, as we were both more than a little shocked at what we were discovering. In the end we had to ask for the vaccine insert and that request was delayed as much as possible. When we received a vaccine insert it was more than obvious why the international medical law of informed consent was being broken in regards to providing one. If all parents were forced to read one of these inserts, very few would move ahead with vaccination of themselves or their children. Basically, we were now stepping out of discovering that vaccination was unscientific, immoral and unethical but we were also stepping into an area where not forwarding the vaccine insert was in contravention of a well documented international medical law. Click here to read the vaccine inserts of the vaccines you may be considering.

6. A Blatant Disregard for the Most Basic of Scientific Protocol – it was beyond obvious that pro vaccine science was flying in the face of the most basic and most accepted conventional scientific protocols. For example, in high school we all learned the scientific method. The scientific method revolves around forming a hypothesis and then testing that hypothesis.  Pro vaccine science proposes the hypothesis that vaccinating increases someone’s immunity and resistance to disease compared to doing nothing. (not taking the vaccine) There’s only problem though. As stated earlier, that research has never been done. How does this pass as science where I’m supposed to inject my child with an untested vaccine that comes with the side effects death and/or permanent injury? I guess it can pass as science when you don’t question your role as patient and your commands from the top of the government or science pyramid but where I’m originally from, that sort of behavior gets you into a whole wack of trouble. As a kid from a rough neighborhood, where the people in power were caught regularly abusing children, I got used to questioning things… especially when government and authority were involved. Science is also supposed to be an unbiased quest for truth but all the negative data on vaccines is being ignored by everyone selling or pushing the vaccines and the appropriate research that should have been done decades ago, is being blocked for reasons that sound official but make little sense. Would it be so hard to study the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated for disease incidence, when people walk in sick every day to hospitals around the world? If someone has the flu at a hospital, how hard would it be to ask, “Did you get the flu shot this year?” Are we really to believe that this sort of research can’t be done? I know nurses and they have told me that when there’s a flu out break declared at the hospital it’s well known that every single person in that hospital who has the flu, has taken their flu shot in that current year. Also regarding pro vaccine research, which takes longer to read over in its’ entirety, the companies conducting the research always were vaccine makers and the government never questioned or reviewed their findings. Claims of research involving “unvaccinated control groups” often documented that the unvaccinated groups were also injected with highly toxic material. It’s not scientific on any grounds to allow parties with a vested interest in the research outcomes to conduct the research and of course injecting people with known poisons and calling them the “unvaccinated control group” isn’t scientific either. It’s corruption.  There were red flags all over the place and when it comes to the health of a child, it was starting to become clear that the public were not being told anywhere near the truth regarding vaccination.

7. Vaccines and Autism – like everything else along the way, the research showed the opposite of what we were being told was true. The amount of evidence that vaccines do cause Autism is massive and I documented most everything I found to show my wife and then moved it into papers that I could share with other parents. Click here to see the evidence I complied regarding vaccinations having a direct link to Autism. What was also odd is that when I talked to doctors about the vaccine and Autism link, they told me it was unproven. I then asked them if Autism was a form of brain damage and they agreed it was. Then I showed them the vaccine insert I carried with me regarding the side effects of the very common MMR vaccine and I circled every side effect that I believed could cause brain damage. I asked the doctor if the side effects I circled could cause brain damage in a vaccinated child, as a direct side effect of vaccination and they admitted yes it could. If a vaccine can cause brain damage and Autism is brain damage, how can vaccines be proven not to cause Autism just because a doctor calls the damage a different name? After very little research it became obvious that no one selling, producing or administering the vaccines wanted anything to do with our logical questions and wanted to hurry us out of the doctor’s office and hurry in the next parent, who would take the vaccinations without question or resistance. The non questioning patient who did exactly as they were told was always welcome. We were not.

8. Medical Doctors and PhD Scientists That Warn About The Dangers of Vaccination – I came across a long list of medical doctors and PhD scientists who openly try to warn the public about the dangers of vaccination regarding the same exact points I reviewed above plus much more.  What is also odd is that no doctor I ran into, who was in favor of vaccination, could do anything but verbally declare that vaccines were safe and effective, that vaccines prevent disease, that vaccines were the greatest invention in the history of health care and that vaccines don’t cause Autism. Behind the advertised slogans and catch phrases of conventional vaccine mythology there was no real science to back these claims. So we have people who just utter these magic pro vaccine phrases without scientific validation and then we have this very long list of medical doctors and scientists who take their time to explain exactly how vaccination isn’t safe or effective.  So there was the bullying and pressure packed approach of the system that manufacturers, sells and administers the vaccines compared to medical doctors (with nothing to gain and everything to lose) taking their time to explain clearly that the public is being lied to about vaccination, on all levels. I may not know everything about vaccination but I know enough to tell the difference between a self serving bully and someone who truly cares about children. That I know for sure.

9. The Place Where They Give The Most Vaccines To Infants Has The Greatest Rate of Infant Deaths In The World –  the United States has the most numerous vaccine schedule before the age of 1 in the world, suggesting 26 separate vaccinations. The US has one of the highest infant mortality rates out of all developed nations…..DESPITE the highest health budget expenditure on the planet. Inside the US is the state of Mississippi, where vaccines are mandatory save very few exemptions, Mississippi has the highest infant mortality rates inside the US. I took statistics in University and although this isn’t conclusive regarding the conclusion that it’s only the vaccines that are killing infants, it definitely means there’s a significant correlation. Taken by itself, these statistics raise a massive red flag. Combine these statistics with everything else I discovered and the big picture comes into focus.

10. Like a Bad Infomercial…………..Wait……….There’s More – there could be an entire book written regarding what I found and none of it is good. ZERO. NOTHING. I documented much of it above but there were many more red flags, contradictions and blatant examples of corruption. This information IS NOT FOR PEOPLE who just want to do as their told, march their child in for their vaccines and get on with their day. This is for the parent who takes things seriously and has the strength to move against the herd when necessary, if their child is going to be safer and healthier for it.  Not thinking is easier. Name calling toward someone who doesn’t vaccinate is easier. Doing what you’re told, inside a culture that punishes people for not complying, is easier. Getting dog treats of positive re-enforcement from the people who manufacture, sell and distribute vaccines is easier. The newspaper, the radio and the government verbally declare that all vaccines are safe and effective but a little investigation proves these verbal declarations are in contradiction to the documented research. Do the right thing at the right time, not the right thing at the wrong time. Don’t wait until a child is killed or injured to investigate, as happened to this Hollywood star. Investigate vaccines before the needle is in your infant’s arm because once that material is injected under the skin, there’s no taking it back out.

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