Why Is Everyone Healthy In This 50 Year Old Picture?

This is a picture from New York State I believe, in the 1970's and as you notice there's something very different about the bodies in the picture. There's no one who has an unhealthy body shape and size. An ancient plan exists, one based on the Fabianistic Approach to military victory. The Fabianistic approach is basically a policy that sets in stone the proverbial "death by a 1000 cuts", an inch by inch approach to destroying your enemy. This Fabianistic Approach is based on the successful military strategy and teachings of the ancient Roman Emperor (and dictator) Fabius. A Fabius based approach to victory is based on patience and even tricking the enemy to destroy themselves.

Here's the dictionary definition of this approach....."The Fabian strategy is a military strategy where pitched battles and frontal assaults are avoided in favor of wearing down an opponent through a war of attrition and indirection. While avoiding decisive battles, the side employing this strategy harasses its enemy through skirmishes to cause attrition, disrupt supply and affect morale." Sound familiar? If should sound familiar because you've been the subject of this strategy since the day you were born.

The North American society has been taken over using this method, on all fronts, no exceptions. This has always been the primary tactic used to infiltrate Canada, the US, the EU and Australia. These are the only areas experiencing massive inflation through fatalistic government spending, food attacks, contradictory directives meant to confuse, cultural trends meant to destroy morale and fabricated crises of all kinds. The physical bodies and minds of these populations have ALWAYS been subject of this Fabian based approach for take over, as is evident when you compare the populations of today to what's seen in this picture. Not only has the population been purposely poisoned, which causes the deformed bodies we see today, classic mind control tactics have been used to make people addicted, crave and demand more and more of these health destroying poisons. The mental state of the average person today is also reflective of this Fabianistic approach for take over, as it's very rare today to find a person in these targeted areas not suffering from extreme mental unrest and mind control driven self destruction. Millions have been tricked to destroy themselves, as our enemies patiently wait for everyone to fall over, either permanently injured or removed. This is clear as day in our present time. The average person today is living in a comfort coma (often weak and overweight) addicted to caffeine, alcohol, media, consumption, nicotine, narcotics (the legalization of these narcotics all part of the attack) junk food, sugar, toxic meds, their appearances, sex, darkness, evil, immorality, self gratification, hedonism and so on and so on. These folks literally tricked into destroying themselves, as our cultural enemies giggle from the bushes. I even sometimes admire the skill and patience of our enemies (plus the rock hard mind control they use), as the people around me literally self gratify and poison themselves into a permanent state of dysfunction or even into the grave.

The solutions are simple. The weapons in this war, used against you and your family are a) poison b) chemicals c) the TV d) movies e) conventional radio e) print media f) government employment (which literally acts as a form of Satanic initiation) and g) all related official channels that promote, celebrate and normalize all the above. It's time you crawled yourself, inch by inch, back to health, morality, ethics, independence, courage, bravery and strength. It's time you used the same gradual approach to getting your life, your freedom and your liberty back in order. Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. Make one baby step daily and pull yourself out of the abyss.


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