Why Is Depression On The Rise?

Feb 08, 2022
Depression is rising in both adults and children, which is baked in the cake via the chefs at The Great Reset. If you want to understand The Great Reset, it's very simple. The people behind The Great Reset have stolen all the pensions (both corporate and public) and have used the money they stole to make a plan to cover up the crime. That plan to cover up the crime includes getting rid of billions of potential witnesses before they discover what happened and enslaving any destroyed soul who remains, inside an electronic control grid...…where if you talk about what's really going on, the Davos group just turn you off and dispose of you through electronic mechanisms that see you starve to death in short order. Simple stuff. Such a delight being ruled by psychopaths.

All your government officials are in on it, being threatened, brainwashed and bribed simultanesouly........to guarantee their participation via fear and greed motivations. Yes, we're all in that much trouble and you'll never figure your way out of any of it if you're depressed, disoriented and dysfunctional. That's why you being poisoned off the planet or poisoned into a permanent disease/depression state has always been part of their plan. Now it's time for you to grow up and look this monster in the eye.
An empowered, healthy and vital population is hard to rule. A depressed, diseased and dis-empowered population is extremely easy to dominate, lie to, control, manipulate, govern and steal from. Our society's increasing disease state, over the last 50 years, is no accident. It's a controlled demolition of human potential, planned out decades in advance. If people thought that the average person was depressed, diseased, dysfunctional and extremely messy before 2020 rolled around, they certainly won't like where all this is slated to go over the next decade. We can indeed stop this massive increase in depression but we need to understand 2 things first. We need to understand two basic premises.

The first premise is...… there are forces behind government, medicine, science and media who collude openly to destroy the public as Olympic sport. Anyone not seeing this is completely unconscious and is either under trauma or pay cheque mind control. Some people also ignore these truths because they're cowards...…..thinking, acting and talking like children their entire lives. If you ever find out what's really going on, you would rebel and remove these vipers from power immediately. If you're overweight, sick, depressed. dependent, addicted and broke...…rebelling just becomes impossible, even if you happen to discover what they're doing. The second basic premise is understanding what causes depression. The causes of depression are increasing purposely and this of course will increase depression, as was always the design of many of the preformulated policies fired at the public starting in 2020, all based on a narrative made of pure wind.

Alcohol causes depression and the people who rule us purposely keep the liquor stores open, while increasing stress levels, knowing exactly what would happen. Empowered people find solutions to problems. Disempowered people sedate to their pain because they have poor coping skills. It's also easier to be part of the itty bitty shitty committee than it is to live an empowered life. The public were also disempowered by media and the government school system for decades prior, leading to hoards of people running for their addictions of choice when stress is applied. The people ruling you have planned all of it. They organized the disempowerment and dependency (empty shitty lives with no meaning), then they add in the stress based on something never proven to exist and then they make sure the addictive substances are always at arm's length. Alcohol makes you depressed. The Canadian government purposely legalized weed to further disempower the population and they're working on legalizing all narcotics to give the public the final kick in the teeth needed to put the entire society into a voluntary slave camp.

Screen time increases depression wildly as well because real life appears depressing and boring compared to anything on the screen. It doesn't matter what you look at on the screen, real life will never stack up. I know a lady who looks at pretty people all day on her screen, men and women. When she puts the screen down, her husband is just "average" and so is everyone else...….and so is her entire life, so she jumps back into the screen illusion to satisfy her basic emotional needs of safety and acceptance. But there's one problem....isolation away from real people, real love and real connection causes depression. The more screen time and the more you bond with a non human screen illusion. the more depressed you'll be. The more isolated the person, the more they dive into their screens for comfort. It's like putting fire out with gasoline. Which leads me to my next point...….isolation causes depression as well.

In jail the most extreme punishment is isolation because it sends the human psyche spinning out of control, especially if the person hasn't mastered their spiritual and emotional evolution. The people ruling us know this and this is why they isolated everyone to start their preplanned lie-ahria based agenda. Coffee causes depression. Junk food causes depression. Toxicity causes depression. A lack of sunlight causes depression. A lack of exercise causes depression. Behavior modification meds actually increase depression.....as a LISTED side effect. Please visit www.cchr DOT ORG and the videos there for more information on what "these drugs" are actually designed to do...….and it's not to make you happy.

In the end your world doesn't work the way government school and media has taught you. Far from it. If you're depressed and finding yourself drinking alcohol, drinking coffee, eating junk food, playing on your phone more, watching more TV, watching more movies. exercising less, having less human connection, smoking more weed, ingesting medical poison, injecting medical poison and not getting enough sunshine...….of course you're going to be more depressed and the people ruling you know this. They endorse and organize all of it. It's time to grow up and understand that this is on you. It's on you because the lies were always this obvious and you kept ignoring them. You kept ignoring the feedback your body gave you, as you processed those lies through your personal lie detector...…..called your body. You'll need to empower and mobilize your spirit against the evils of this world and pull yourself out of the darkness. It's that simple. Let's get to work. Depression is your body saying, "stop treating me like this, I don't run on science poison, I run on natural cycles and natural energies!". Eating medical poison along with handfuls of other poison won't fix any problem, depression included. Removing all poison is the only answer...…..and that includes removing poisonous thoughts, poisonous habits and everything else poisonous as well. Stop living out lies.


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