What You Don't Know About Hollywood Black Magic And The Grammys

Feb 07, 2023


What you don't know about Hollywood black magic is what you don't know about the nature of reality. Let's take the most recent black magic ritual at The Grammys. It's pretty simple.

If you study what's called the 100th Monkey Syndrome or 100th Monkey Effect, Japanese researchers found that the animal brain or mind is the original cell phone tower. What's taken in through the eyes (or any of the other 4 senses) is broadcast out through the head like a cell phone tower transmission. The brain or mind of each species can also receive information as well as transmit information. The monkeys studied by the Japanese researchers found that monkeys of the same species picked up the transmission of other monkeys....if the monkeys broadcasting the original transmission were thinking the same way as a group. The size of the group needed to dominate the other monkeys with a "broadcast spell" appeared to be 100, in order for all the other similar monkeys around the world to receive the broadcast and start thinking or doing the same thing as the original group of 100. Each animal species shares information like this. We are the original wireless internet between each other.

What this means is that if you get a group of 100 or more of the same species viewing the same thing or thinking the same thing or doing the same thing...…..every other member of that species gets the download. This download of information, frequency and vibration affects the entire species like they were thinking, viewing or doing it themselves directly in real time. This is all proven as fact, in documented research and also in the way our black magic sorcerers rule us from the screen.

This is called black magic spell casting or BROADCASTING. This is also called black magic channeling of dark energy by TV CHANNELLS etc. etc. Many words in the TV REALM translate over to magic. There's a reason for that. What this means is that if they can get 100 or so people watching these events in person or through the TELL-LIE-VISION on the TV CHANNEL...…they can use each viewer's brain as an original broadcast tower and drive the signal farther into the collective hive mind. Each brain viewing the event directly or through the tell-lie-vision in turn broadcasts their vibration or frequency of the event out to the rest of us. So today if you can, stop posting pictures of this dark RITUAL (RICH-A-UAL) because it makes evil RICH off our energy, which in turn brings that darkness into each one of us.....regardless if we watched the ceremony ourselves or not. If you're feeling anxious, mad, depressed or sleepless today or yesterday.....this is why. Our dark overlords cast a dark energy net over all of humanity. This is why they hold all these events, so they can use our eyes and our minds against us.

In short, you're the original cell phone tower and you broadcast your frequency out for each other person to feel and swim in. If you're strong and healthy, your stronger frequency can act as a shield to block the lower and weaker frequency transmission of the darkness on this planet. Broadcast your strong, healthy, moral, ethical and loving frequency daily to cancel out their evil and dark black magic transmissions. Never watch these events, turn off your TV and don't share images or videos of these dark events....because then you're only amplifying their dark signal. Describe their evil deeds and how they're done. Educate the public through word but don't do their work for them by showing the pictures or the videos.



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