What Is Your Reality Strength Factor?

Dec 27, 2021
When I started in the gym I could only bench press 135 lbs. After 10 years I could bench 365lbs. Today I maintain my strength in other ways but the point is that becoming stronger in any area is about long durations of time spent in that area. I gained "gym strength" by immersing myself in the gym for long periods of time. Today most people simply don't have any "reality strength" because they not only avoid spending time in reality, their reality is so painful they can't stand being anywhere near it.
Coffee (all forms of caffeine) is our society's primary "reality avoidance" substance. Caffeine is proven to take our nervous system off line for 6 weeks consecutively after a very small amount of caffeine ingested. When you spend no time connected to your innate and natural nervous system. because caffeine tranquilizes the nervous system and takes it off line, you're going to spend very little time inside reality...….and therefore you'll have very little "reality based strength". This means you won't be able to deal with reality as reality, either entirely or partially. I know people who keep spending money when they have none...…and I see many of these people avoiding their financial reality via toxic caffeine ingestion. You're supposed to stop spending money when you don't have any left but these people keep acting illogically because again caffeine removes the nervous system's ability to process reality.
I see many caffeinated people today so far away from reality that their lives are actually in danger. I've also seen people take their own lives because of this disconnection from reality, based on how certain substances (caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, smoking THC.....just to name a few) tranquilize the nervous system and render it incapable of working as the creator designed. I know 10 people personally who couldn't process reality as reality and ended up a) trusting the news even though everything on the news is a blatant lie b) trusting their government even though the government isn't worthy of any trust and c) acting out a propaganda fantasy that pushing poison under their skin will make them healthier when poison doesn't work like that. Due to the fact that their strength, time spent and experience in "reality" was weak or limited...…they passed away from this earthly realm into the next way of being. Their lack of practice or experience in reality, left them wide open for psychic manipulation.
The point I'm trying to make here is that in 2022 you want to feel the full sting of your reality no matter how much that hurts. If you're happy, feel it. If things suck, feel it. Feel all of it and everything in between. There's only one way to accomplish that. You need to increase your reality strength factor and start practicing processing reality as it really is. Without the creator's natural reality processing system online in your body (your nervous system) you're going to do some extremely illogical and irrational things PLUS act out some extremely inverted belief systems that could never be true in real reality. The way this world is organized right now, this "non processing of reality" could very easily end in fatal outcomes. If you avoid the true reality of our world in 2022 because your nervous system is off line, there's a very good chance you won't see 2023. You need to get rid of all caffeine, alcohol. sugar, nicotine, vaping, junk food and all other chemical poisons etc that dull your nervous system.......in order to increase your reality strength factor. This plan of action will ALWAYS increase the efficiency of your life and help start moving your success skyward. In order to quit any addiction, please visit jchristoff.com and have a look around.
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