What Is The Killer Calendar And Why Do Most People Destroy Themselves Based On The Say So Of A Calendar?

Nov 04, 2022
People often organize their lives around a calendar that's purposely designed to pollute, bankrupt and dis-empower the general public. Trauma sets the stage for compliance, as trauma is proven to do, so the fearful public cling to anything that adds predictability to their lives...........one of which is the calendar. Humans are hard wired to feel safe and predictable. Yearly events represent safety in the mind. But if you haven't noticed, all the scheduled events (on the calendar) down here on the human farm, are designed to make you an absolute human mess. Keep them dumb, keep them fat, keep them sedated, keep them bankrupt, keep them sick, keep them dis empowered, keep the weak......keep them slaves. The calendar is weaponized, as are most things down here on planet mental asylum.
Predictability equals security inside the traumatized psyche....and the calendar is maybe the most predictable aspect of a person's life here in North America. People who are frightened due to a lack of control in their personal lives like the pretend control that the calendar provides them regarding all the "spending" and "pollution" based holidays that arrive on time, year after year. Many people act like the calendar has authority over their finances, their lives and their health. If you'll obey a 12 part piece of paper hanging on your kitchen wall, you'll obey anything, and that's the point. The entire drive behind the authority-based calendar is the same as any authority-based structure, which is.......don't think, follow your prewritten script.
Why isn't there a start your own business holiday, a save your money holiday, an exercise holiday, a holiday for stretching, a holiday to learn about planting a food garden, a holiday where you dedicate the entire day to building your personal power or a holiday where you prepare an organic meal for yourself and your loved ones? Same reason the liquor stores were open during the lock downs and the gyms were closed. Because you live on a human farm. You can't human lions, only weak human lambs. The killer calendar is designed so slaves stay slaves.
Halloween just went by and there's a holiday every 6-8 weeks like this because that's the design needed to keep the slave body and slave mind perpetually polluted and weakened. Halloween (just like New Year's or Easter or Valentine's etc.) are programmed behavior days so you pollute, sedate and destroy your human potential on cue. Holidays are there to make the slave life feel groovy, predictable and to normalize the ingestion of poison. How many people will be firming up the final touches on their business plan during their holiday time off? How many will be eating better, having a longer workout, getting a massage or attending an empowering seminar? How many people will be getting drunk and eating toxic food? You already know the answer. Organize a full slave style society and decorate it with all the fake freedoms one's heart could ever desire. Remove the freedoms that count and reinstall a free-dumb structure, where everything that keeps you dumb is provided free by the state. Your killer calendar is a big part of it. Every year the kids get more sick and the people get more diseased, lost, destitute, dependent and disorganized....so what the F&^% are you celebrating to begin with? Is there something really to celebrate or are you just decorating an empty and meaningless life with fake feel-good emotions that came from using your body and mind as a non-stop chemical carnival ride?
Spend money you don't have every Christmas. That's an order solider. (soldier=sol-dier=soul-dier=death of the soul). Pump your children full of toxic junk food every Halloween. "Yes, sir", says the slave. Every New Year's Eve make sure to pollute yourself, so you start the new year less healthy and less wealthy.... just like slave master directed it all to play out. "Right away sir", says the slave. It's November, time to straight line your state sanctioned "medicine" under the skin. "I'll take one in each arm and one for the road", declares the gov-love/med-love super slave. It's your birthday, anniversary, wedding, vacation etc.......so get hard to work slave and pump the alcohol and junk food poison into yourself hard core. Slaves who have no control in their personal lives, really enjoy the fake control the calendar provides them......except they don't notice that every holiday involves mindless spending and poisoning themselves (and poisoning their loved ones) back into the stone age. The more it's repetitive, the more we count on it.... but what if the repetitive calendar-based celebrations exist to keep us all running east looking for a sunset. People may wonder why their life looks like the Hinderberg crashing into the deck of Titanic every single day.......but what they're missing is that the system we live within is structured to keep us messy, diseased, dis-empowered, dysfunctional and disoriented. If you want to get out of this system, you first have to see it and then you need to recognize its design. It's designed to F&^% you up....forever, full stop, no exceptions. There are people who don't like you organizing your society and social engineering your beliefs, ideas and behaviors. The jail cell door isn't locked, you are free to leave at any time. Just start building your power by avoiding their tricks. Stop using your mouth as a garbage compactor and take your power back.
Every event on the calendar is purposely drawn in to throw you farther down the evolutionary ladder, into a life of complete futility and mindless escapism. Drink your booze, dance around, laugh, push each other into the bushes giggling, live as the perpetual child forever, watch one of your screens, download the mind control and eat the sugar-coated poison.... anything but rising up to your full potential. Most people will stand up proudly and declare, "I run my own life, no one tells me what to do!" Please....come on.... those folks have to stop barking at the moon. When you take your orders from the herd, you're a follower. You're not a leader and in fact.... you're as far away from controlling your own life as one could possibly be. This year maybe pick one slave-based poison/financial destruction holiday and just stop participating, just to see what it feels like to stand outside the fence. Once outside the fence look back at all the other farm animals...who are too afraid to program and control their own days, their own minds and their own dreams. Change your perspective and change your life. Stop letting external forces tell you what to do....and start telling yourself what to do. Wake up, unslave and live a better life. Do it now because you have very little time remaining to jump over the fence on the human farm....and make a break for it. If you want to learn more, email me personally at [email protected].


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