Nov 18, 2021

If I had cancer I would certainly do one thing first. I would contact Paul Leendertse, author of the book, “The Root Cause of Cancer.” Paul’s experience and knowledge links particular cancers to particular emotional wounding’s is second to none in my opinion. Without addressing the “The Root Cause of Cancer“, which is often emotions we’ve been programmed not to deal with, very little will change. First step, contact Paul Leendertse at [email protected]. At the very least, get Paul’s book immediately by clicking here. The next step would be to watch my FREE ZOOM presentation about cancer. It will explore aspects of the cancer industry that are purposely hidden from the public. Click here to watch it right now – fast-forward ahead to when the actual presentation begins.

1. The second thing to do would be to watch this documentary A film that has no equal regarding the truth about cancer. I would also watch this documentary from the same documentary team.  I have to be completely honest right here, at the first point. If a person has cancer and skips watching these documentaries, they’ll mostly likely enter the conventional medical system (and use conventional medical cancer therapies) based on fear and not educated research. Such journeys into the medical system, driven primarily by fear and social conditioning, do not work out well in the majority of cases. This documentary would also be useful.

2. After that I would size the tumor. Tumors, for the most part, are relatively slow growing. Given the average cancer tumors’ cell replication rate, it takes 4-6 years for a tumor to get to a size that can be detected by conventional imaging technology. If you test for a tumor, you have already had it a while, so don’t panic. I would size the tumor and apply the below protocol for 6-8 weeks, and then resize the tumor. If the tumor would shrink or stay the same I would continue with the protocol below only. If the cancer tumor grew, I would consider getting it surgically removed but only if it was pushing on another organ causing pain or discomfort. If I did get the tumor removed surgically I would never under any circumstances acquiesce with any request for radiation or chemotherapy as a proactive measure to prevent re-occurrence, simply because those modalities will decrease health and prime the body for a return of cancer in the future. Again all the best information is in this documentary and in this one. Watch these documentaries. It can save your life. Watch it before cancer comes or when you get it.

3. Know The Root Cause of Cancer. In the book “The Root Cause of Cancer” by Paul Leendertse, he clearly demonstrates that the body wants and aids the cancer tumor in growing.  The cancer tumor is not attacked by the immune system and the body itself sets up the tumor’s blood supply and waste removal pathways. The cancerous tumor is actually a defense reaction in the body for something very simple. When the body is damaged, it needs to repair that damage, and it can’t do the repair in the presence of high sugar (high blood sugar). The cancer cluster will appear when there’s damage in the body and when the blood stream is flooded with excess sugar, usually from an unhealthy diet and chronic stress. The cancer tumor is manufactured purposely and located with precise intent by the body, to absorb blood sugar (in front of the damaged area), so the body can make the repair to the damaged area. Curing cancer is a 2 fold process. 1) you need to fix the damage, which requires massive increases in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and 2) you need to reduce the need for a cancer cluster to appear or grow by making sure the blood stream is low in sugar. Basically the plan is simple. 1) increase nutrition to fix the damage inside the body and 2) reduce blood sugar as to give no reason for the cancer cluster to appear in front of the damaged area. All is information, with citation, discussed in the book “The Root Cause of Cancer“.

4. Start a diet that promotes low blood sugar. Basically each meal would look very similar, with mostly vegetables and some healthy fats. I would eat a stir fry at every meal for the 6-8 weeks that included cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, Brussels sprouts, cashews or almonds (nuts should be soaked and dehydrated by Wilderness Family Naturals) and any other vegetable someone would enjoy. These would have to be all organic choices, as non-organic produce ramps up the damage that causes cancer, because of the toxic pesticides on it. Cook your stir fry in extra virgin coconut oil and cook in a stainless steel pan only. The cleanest cookware is from Saladmaster. Anyone who seriously wanted to inject health and vitality into their body would also have to participate in a food rotation diet, which is outlined in this book by Paul Chek. Although Paul Chek’s book is not specific to cancer or any other disease, it is specific for maximizing health and a food rotation diet is absolutely necessary when faced with cancer, a later stage reminder to the diseased person that change and personal growth are needed in short order.

5. In-between meals I would consume a cup of raw vegetable juice made from spinach, kale, oranges, celery and a small amount of ginger. All organic of course and not blended in a bullet or something similar to that. Real juice needs to be juiced in something like this. Greens are the power house to fight cancer, some of the best greens are mentioned in this article.

6. Supplements. I would start a full cleanse from Actumus (email me directly at [email protected] so I can tell you how to use that cleanse), Turmeric Force by New Chapters, Ginger Force by New Chapter, Selenium from Innate Response, Food Multi III from Innate Response, a  zinc supplement Mercola.com, B-complex from Innate Response, an immune boosting mushroom complex and garlic from mercola.com. I would also take a high quality digestive enzyme from this company. After the first cleanse by the company highlighted (Renew Life) I would continue with a specific cleanse for each organ, using the same brand. After the general cleanse do a kidney cleanse, a liver cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a yeast cleanse and a heavy metal cleanse…..in that order.

7. I would get into the sun daily, 15 minutes front and back, with no sun block… in order to flood my body with healthy vitamin D and reduce stress hormones. I would only drink Evian glass bottled water, to balance pH and to clean my body from the inside out with a clean water source. Only drink water in-between meals, not with the meals. Read this book to understand the healing properties of the sun. If you can’t get Evian water (and yes I know Evian spells Naive backwards) get another glass bottled water where the pH is around 7.2-7.4 and the calcium and magnesium content add up to 100 ppm or more.

8. I would contact the nearest Naturopathic Doctor to investigate about intravenous vitamin C therapy, proven highly effective at aiding with the reversal of many diseases, including cancer. In Cornwall Ontario Canada that would be The Cornwall Naturopathic Clinic 17373 S Branch Rd, Cornwall, ON K6K 1T3 (613) 932-4734. Here’s a good story about the curative properties of vitamin C and a good story about what really goes on inside the conventional medical system. Many naturopathic clinics offer this service.

9. I would make a bone broth and drink it in-between meals. Only bones from an organic animal. Here’s a good recipe. Step by step.

10. If possible I would exercise 3 times per week, lifting weights only, to help clear the blood stream of sugar. I would do this away from crowds or people, potentially at your house in complete peace and quite. Not cardio, weight lifting and for about 1 hour per session. Again, moving away from society and back to nature (plus spending time with yourself) is very important. Our inverted, perverse and shallow society plays a massive role with the stress that causes cancer growth and spread. Do the exercise at a very moderate pace, have fun with it and slow down. If you conduct cardio exercise, do light walking but make sure to alternate between weight lifting and walking. In many cases of cancer a complete removal of oneself from our every day environment is absolutely necessary. Men need more alone time than women traditionally. If I had cancer, I know I would want to move out of the family home to heal in an alone space, free of the emotional impacts that are most likely growing the cancer in the first place. Quitting one’s job is most likely mandatory, if possible. Increasing alone time is at the top of the list for starting to heal immediately. Cancer is often tied to emotional or physical slavery on some level. Healing is about regaining one’s spiritual freedom and natural energy flows, outside the conventional/societal restrictions that bind us.

11. I would participate in massage, yoga, chiropractic, osteopathic and anything else that helps calm the body, as to eliminate excessive stress-based sugar release from the liver. The liver is a sugar storage area and releases that sugar into the blood stream, when the body is stressed. This release of sugar can cause and grow cancer… So stress needs to be addressed to control the internal sugar supply. I would also quit my job immediately, no questions asked. The primary focus of someone with a tumor or cancer needs to be living a different lifestyle right away. Our society is cancer, for lack of a better phrase…..always telling citizens to place their health on the back burner, only to die prematurely with a whole bunch of useless stuff. This idea set in itself causes cancer. Yes, I would quit my job and advise anyone with cancer to do the same immediately in order to dedicate full-time to loving and caring for themselves. Cancer is often a result of what’s called “a cremation of care”. This article can explain. Unfortunately cancer can come about when a person lacks self love and this sort of love extraction process is famous in our society and purposely executed. Read the article to learn more about what causes a person to lose their self love, which always ends in self abusive habits. Cancer is often the result of a life lacking self care, self love, self maintenance and personal leadership. Healing the body of cancer is about regaining one’s self love, so they truly believe they’re worth the effort, as opposed to being fed into the conventional cancer therapy machine that’s proven not to work effectively.

12. I would immediately get rid of the toxic chemicals that cause cancer, to aid in clearing the household and immediate environment of any and all toxins, which could be damaging the body and therefore starting the need for the body to insert a cancer tumor. CLICK HERE to get started with what you need to remove from your household. Don’t forget that cancer is about 1) cellular damage from toxins and 2) high blood sugar. Remove from the household anything that damages the body. Remove the chemicals, control your blood sugar and work with Paul Leendertse to work on the root cause of cancer, which is usually our trapped emotions.

13. I would seek the guidance of a good coach or therapist that helps deal with past trauma. Cancer is a lifestyle disease, driven by a toxic attack on self, most often as a way to deal with past pain and trauma. The foods that cause cancer (by elevating blood sugar and causing internal tissue damage) are also substances that kill pain in the body (sugar, junk food, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, tea, medical pain killers, other toxic medications, cigarettes, marijuana, hard narcotics, processed chemical foods etc). An unhealthy lifestyle is very addictive, when someone’s in pain, and if the pain or past trauma is not dealt with……a new healthy lifestyle will only be a temporary modification and the cancer will often return, because again cancer is a body adaptation to cellular damage and high blood sugar. Cancer is about self abuse and self abuse is about pain and trauma in the psyche (most often experienced in childhood). If the pain is not addressed, self abuse will continue, and so will the cancer unfortunately. An imbalanced mind will provide us with imbalanced habits and therefore our health will also be imbalanced. Any books by Dr. Gabor Mate can help introduce people to the hidden motivations and drives behind their self abusive behaviors. You can do it, it’s easy once you get going. Baby steps daily add up to big progress over several months. My recommendation is always Paul Leendertse.

14. I would also remove any mercury fillings I have, as this known super toxin is a gold metal winner regarding internal tissue damage. Mercury is the 3rd most toxic compound on the planet (the most toxic non radioactive compound), so in regards to substances that start cellular damage, mercury teeth fillings rank very high on the list. Only get mercury fillings removed at a certified holistic or biological dentist, certified with this organization.  Many vaccines are also connected to cancer, as toxins injected under the skin are going to damage the body immensely – and remember that the cancer process starts when the body is damaged. The top 10 most commonly used toxic substances that are firmly linked to cancer growth and spread are 1) vaccines and medications 2) wireless technology 3) coffee and other caffeine related products 4) alcohol 5) consistent high glycemic loads (high sugar diet) 6) teflon/non-stick pans 7) toxic chemically laden personal care and cleaning products 8) tap water (for showering and bathing) 9) cigarettes, vaping, narcotics and 10) milk products, gluten containing grains and other highly processed nutrient deficient foods. Saying that……trapped and unprocessed emotions really do stand in the gold medal position for cancer genesis and spread. In our society, we’re told to keep moving and sedate with sugar, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, media, consumption and busy body lifestyles where we have no time for ourselves. This traps negative emotions inside ourselves and they will always start to grow and fester.

15. Coffee enemas are proven the most effective way to detox the liver. Every natural healer I’ve gone to has already told me that my liver is experiencing extreme distress and given my previous lifestyle, I openly talk about, there’s a good reason it’s having some trouble. The liver is also where the body stores unprocessed anger. I have lots of anger for our extremely dysfunctional world, initiated by an inverted government and media system, which only wishes us grave harm…….so I know my liver needs some chemical and emotional relief.  Given cancer can come about because of the body’s inability to remove toxins effectively and given that the liver is the primary organ charged with the duty of removing toxins from the body, starting coffee enemas now (rather than later) would be a good idea for anyone. Some people have a hard ego based block with sticking a small tube in their backside but I can tell you, practice now and learn how this is done. It can save your life. This entire list is something all people should research and institute correctly in order to prevent cancer from ever occurring. Click here to research more about coffee enemas. There’s a particular type of coffee used and an entire process that must be learned about before anyone attempts this highly effective liver cleansing protocol.

16. Modern medicine treats cancer as a death sentence, that is because conventional cancer therapies have a track record for failure. For example, we see here Dr. Micheal Farley explain that during autopsy, cancer patients who have passed are shown to be dying from the cancer treatments and not the cancer. Although cancer patients generally don’t fare well after diagnosis, it’s often because 1) they refuse to change how they care for themselves and 2) conventional medicine is forced to use cancer treatments that don’t work, as is explained in this documentary. There are many success stories like this one, and this one and this one ……that prove cancer can be reversed if a person can change the views that govern their behavior, especially in the area of self care, self respect, self maintenance and self love.

Click here to see an entire online course, which I would suggest for avoiding and reversing cancer………. Chris from “Chris Beat Cancer” has good insights on these issues. In my opinion, I would still contact Paul Leendertse first. I just want you to have as much information as possible because preventing and reversing cancer is about getting clean……body, mind and soul. To reverse and prevent cancer, you need to let in truth and push out the lies.   

"Cancer didn't kill them, the fried liver did from the radiation."- Dr. Michael D. Farley - Cancer - Step Outside The Box – The Truth About Cancer

At these added links find other guides to help with cancer that I stumbled across……

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