Well That Didn't Age Well........

Feb 04, 2023


This article here  was directed at me in August 2021, when everyone believed they were absolutely brilliant upstanding citizens for doing exactly what the government and TV told them to do. How's that working out for you now Mr. Cardinal, given the truth OF EXACTLY WHAT I WAS WARNING about has come to pass.....PLUS even more horrific aspects no one could have ever predicted? Still standing with "the science"? When weak men are paraded in front of the public and strong men are marginalized......you know evil is controlling the printing press. This time was no exception.

I challenged this man to a public debate even in the heat of what was happening in 2021 and yet he still wouldn't take it.....deciding it was better to stand with Dr. Fauci, the TV and "the experts". Mr. Cardinal openly mocked anyone who didn't "trust the science". This sort of stance in retrospect and exhibition of herd-based behavior (that only weak men participate in) deserves its own article of course, which I will get around very soon to write.

I will pick apart every single argument he personally made in this article, which has ended the lives of so many now across the world. The paper itself "The Seaway News" and its morally corrupt operation during this on-going 3-year operation will also get choice commentary in the article. It's all coming out now and we're only 10% into the coming out party for the truth. We're also only 10% into the consequences of blindly following authority. We're only 80 years out of what happened in Germany, where the people there were also trusting of the media, big brother and "the experts." Mr. Cardinal, like so many in history, stood against truth because the breadcrumbs of immediate gratification were too much for him to resist. He had a choice to make in 2021 and he made it. If he stood with the operation to destroy the very society in which he lived, he would get a big round of cheers, chuckles and applause. The proverbial deal with the devil that only weak men make throughout history. Who was telling the truth? Time always tells.

If anyone would like to photoshop a clown wig and nose on this picture of Mr. Cardinal, it would make a nice headline for the blog post I'm starting to write. History only repeats itself when willing participants are absolutely sure that this time......the media, government, science and medicine are telling the truth. This guy was as sure as anyone that his intellect was so advanced, he could never be fooled. As Mark Twain once said, "it's easier to fool someone than convince them they've been fooled." And he wasn't the only one who decided to get some societal stroking for adding their energy into the lie. The challenge to an open debate on "the science" is still open to Mr Cardinal. If he wouldn't take my challenge in Aug 2021 when the lie was at its height of popularity, he's certainly not going to take it now when the lie has been openly outed for everyone to see. It's time to publicly apologize to everyone for your lack of male leadership in the community Mr. Cardinal, for your participation in the biggest medical con job in recorded history.




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