The Agenda Is To Make Men Weak And Feminized

Dec 27, 2021
There's a reason many of the men sit and allow their communities to be destroyed. Find out what's actually turning your men into women or even into perpetual infants. There's a chemical and psychological attack on men that you need to know about. It's an important topic to educate on, so that both men and women can find their proper place again in 2022.
There are two poles on any battery. A negative and a positive pole. Electricity (life itself) only flows between opposite and opposing electrical charges. If a battery has two negative poles, life or electricity will not flow. If a battery has two positive poles, life or electricity will not flow. Many men today believe if they comply, evil will leave the tribe alone. This is the opposite electrical charge given to natural organic males. We're now dealing with an evil force (evil is live spelled backwards for a reason) that's disguised as "human" but everything this evil force institutes will indeed end all life here on the planet.
The agenda is to make men weak and feminized, so there's no resistance to all the other anti life agendas rolling out at the same time. Many men have lost their way but education is the key to getting back on the path. Click this link to learn more about the attack on men and how men can find their way again in 2022.


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