Nov 18, 2021

This document includes 2 letters. A short version and a longer version. Get on the internet. Find the emails of every high school teacher or high school administrator in your area. Send the email to yourself and BCC everyone on the school’s email list. If you use the longer letter, make sure to attack the picture that is at the top of this article because that is included as a reference in the longer version letter.



Short Version

I am a parent and I’m concerned about vaccine clinics on school grounds, in regards to the medical doctrine of information consent, as stated in the Nuremberg Code.

I have 10 questions. 

1. The COVID vaccines do not guarantee immunity from COVID or the transmission of COVID. Will children be given informed consent in this regard?

2. The COVID vaccine is killing and crippling citizens at extremely high rates, well above historical averages for all vaccinations. Will children be given informed consent in this regard?

3. Fully vaccinated people with the Pfizer shot are 6-13 times more likely to acquire illness compared to someone with natural immunity? Will children be given informed consent in this regard?

4. All COVID vaccines are inside medical trial phases until May of 2023. This means no safety data is available for these injections. These injections were only proven to reduce symptoms and not disease, while the symptoms they reduce are fever, dry cough and tiredness. The reduction rate of symptoms was proven between 2 and 0.82% Will the children be given informed consent in this regard?

5. Over 60% of serious hospitalizations in Israel currently (the most vaccinated country) are double vaccinated. Will the children be given informed consent in this regard?

6.Over 100 children in Ontario have been sent to hospital with heart problems after their COVID vaccination. Will the children be given informed consent in this regard?

7. Are the children aware that their chance of dying from COVID is 0.000004%? Will the children be given informed consent in this regard?

8. Are the children aware that Canadian doctors are being threatened by government agencies and their medical boards to not inform the public of COVID vaccine induced deaths and injuries? Will the children be given informed consent in this regard?

9. Are the children aware that a BC medical doctor noted permanent injuries in his first nation’s patients after COVID vaccination and was told to stay quiet by BC government health officials. Will the children be given informed consent in this regard?—Interview.-Canada-Whistleblower:a

10. Are the children aware that children are dying and being injured by these covid injections, all around the world, at rates unseen before in the history of medicine? Will the children be given informed consent in this regard?

The law is very clear on these matters, regarding liability, both personally and institutionally. Informed consent is not being given to the children because this information isn’t available to the children. When death or injury occurs, when information is purposely sequestered away from the children, not only is informed consent absent but liability opens up on the person and institutions involved with the death or injuries, both directly involved and indirectly. Myself and a group of parents will be watching this experimental medical application roll out very closely and will pursue avenues of legal liability (personally and institutionally) for any children experiencing a fatality or injury from this government initiative that is scientifically unfounded. Children aren’t at risk from SARS-COV-2, the injection doesn’t guarantee immunity for any amount of time and the detriments of the vaccine are massive compared to historical averages. This information isn’t being shared with the children. This means informed consent is absent unless someone in your organization is sharing this information with anyone getting an injection. Are children really capable of making this decision after the age of 12?



Longer Version


My concern is regarding the medical doctrine of informed consent. I have 5 questions I would like addressed, regarding your employment inside our school system, after I’ve heard that COVID-19 vaccine clinics will be set up either inside the school or outside the school in September.

1. Will the children be made aware that these COVID-19 vaccines in the United States have been reported on the official government website to have killed more people in 10 months than all vaccines in the last 23 years combined? In that 23 year time span up to 82 vaccines have been in play. The COVID vaccine alone has reportedly killed more people in 10 months than 82 vaccines have killed in 23 years, according to the CDC/FDA VAERS database. The name of the official government website for reporting vaccine induced deaths and vaccine induced injuries in the US is called VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). Canada does not have a system equal to this public/professional reporting site. Will informed consent for the children be met in this regard? Will children be informed that this vaccine is killing and injuring people of all ages, at extremely high reporting rates, before they make their decision?

2. Will the children be made aware that all COVID-19 vaccines are documented to have no ability to protect against COVID-19 or the spread of COVID-19, while simultaneously offering a vaccine adverse reaction to every 10th person who takes the vaccine. A list of possible adverse health events are listed from the National Health Service (the NHS) in the United Kingdom (attached to this email) and they include many conditions that can cause permanent injury and/or immediate or moderate term fatalities. Will informed consent for the children be met in this regard? Will the children be told that any and all of these covid vaccinations aren’t proven to protect against COVID or transmission of COVID, while presenting death or permanent injury as listed side effects and reported occurrences….at a rate unseen before in the history of vaccination? Will the children be told that these covid vaccines have only been documented to reduce covid symptoms by 2.0 – 0.82%, depending on which 4 vaccine brands we’re talking about. while the three primary covid symptoms are a) fever b) dry cough and c) tiredness. In conclusion a) this shot can’t prevent covid as an infection b) the shot can’t prevent transmission of covid c) the shot only reduces symptoms by 2.0-0.82% d) the 3 most common symptoms of covid are fever, dry cough and tiredness e) this shot is still in the data collection/experimental phases with no clear data yet collected or analyzed (data collection in this experiment, which skipped regular animal studies, continues to early 2023) and f) this shot poses the biggest risk of death or permanent injury in the history of vaccination. Please tell me which person in your organization is providing this information to the children? Are you aware that this injection has NOT BEEN TESTED for its ability to cause cancer, mutate DNA, impair fertility or cause other serious diseases? Will the children be informed of these facts?

3. Given your enrollment of First Nations children at school, will the children be made aware of testimony from Dr. Charles Hoffee (a BC medical doctor) where he’s testified on camera that the COVID-19 vaccine was permanently injuring some of his First Nation’s patients? When he offered proof of these permanent vaccine injuries to BC Health Minister Bonnie Henry, he was attacked and accused of creating vaccine hesitancy. Will informed consent for the children be met in this regard? Will the children be told that government officials are pressuring doctors and other government employees to downplay and censor reported cases of vaccine injury and vaccine induced death after the COVID injection? How will the slogan “all children matter” appear when children at your school aren’t receiving informed consent, which is compulsory under the law?—Interview.-Canada-Whistleblower:a The injuries to children are already occurring in Canada from this experimental injection. The primary injuries are clotting issues with the blood…..a) heart issues/failure b) heart attacks c) clotting issues throughout the entire body d) strokes and e) aneurysms. 

4. Will the children be made aware that medical doctors across Canada, who have come forward to document death and injuries in their patients (after COVID-19 injection), have been threatened by the government sanctioned medical boards to not share their stories of covid vaccine induced deaths and injuries, as to not create vaccine hesitancy? These doctors are being pressured by medical boards and government institutions to lie to their patients and lie to the public. Will informed consent for the children be met in this regard? Will the children be told that a massive behind the scenes operation is being coordinated covertly, so Canadian citizens aren’t informed of the risks regarding this injection?

5. Will the children be made aware that their chance of dying from a COVID respiratory infection is 0.000004%. In statistics, this percentage is known as a rounding error. The chances are literally zero. Will informed consent for the children be met in this regard? Will the children be told their risk of contracting COVID is nearly zero, while this injection has killed and crippled a record number of people in only 10 months, compared to any other vaccination offered to the public?

The legalities here are very clear for the school, the administration and any teacher involved in this vaccine drive. You have read this email and have been given the information. You are charged to act in the best interest of the children and on the information set forth in this email transmission. Any injury or death to any child under your care and charge, based on the purposeful sequestering of this information away from the children, sets in motion a tsunami of legal liabilities, both personally and institutionally. I want to make myself clear. I represent many parents with this email. Children are not at risk from this infection. The COVID-19 injection is proven to kill and cripple children, while COVID-19 isn’t a threat of any statistical significance. This vaccine is still within clinical experimental research time frames. Child death and child injury are documented to occur en masse after this injection.  We are Destroying the Lives of our Young with Experimental COVID Injections (

The fact that the school insists on a parent’s or guardian’s permission for everything else but vaccinations, for students above the age of 12, displays just how corrupt the system has become in regards to this illegal and immoral operation being permitted near or on school property. Associating this experimental vaccination with school property and school operations opens up the entire institution (and the people working inside of it) to various constitutional challenges, ethics challenges and legal challenges regarding The Nuremberg Code Itself, via informed consent.

How can a child have informed consent when medical doctors in Canada are getting pressured to stay silent, regarding this very vaccine killing and crippling the public at the greatest percentages observed in the history of vaccination? Everyone getting this email is well aware that children feel the psychology of group pressure most heavily and that they don’t have the depth of experience to ponder knowledge on many topics regarding this vaccine application, up to and including government bullying, war crimes, collusion, criminal conspiracy, crimes against humanity, psychological manipulation, behavior modification, brainwashing, propaganda, corruption and pay cheque mind control. (if people stay silent to corruption and evil, because their pay cheque depends on them staying silent, that’s pay cheque mind control) I’m not the only parent concerned with this turn of events.

You may want to read over the existing constitutional challenge launched against the federal government and the province of Ontario by The Constitutional Rights Center in Toronto and Rocco Galati, Canada’s top constitutional lawyer. The federal and provincial governments are violating many of their own laws and internationally accepted human rights standards daily. There is no credible scientific or medical evidence/research anywhere on the planet to validate a) masking b) distancing c) the emergency declaration d) the emergency authorization use of vaccines e) the test for COVID, known as the RT-PCR process and f) the isolation of the SARS-COV-2 virus itself. Your government, media and medical authorities are openly lying to the public. The school system is now participating in these lies.

This final link will show you what child death and child injury looks like from the unapproved (yet authorized) covid vaccinations. If a child dies or is injured by this unapproved experimental medical application because of schools not doing their due diligence regarding the law, medical ethics or informed consent…..a lawsuit will be launched against all entities responsible, both institutionally and personally. Healthy children just don’t die for no reason or become injured for mysterious reasons, after injection. 75% of deaths reported to VAERS occurred within 72 hours of injection. Injuries and deaths to children, while in the care of the school, when informed consent isn’t provided, regarding an experimental medical application endorsed by the school… a very serious legal charge. We advise that you interfere with this inappropriate use of school property/authority and send this letter further up the chain of command and discuss it among yourselves as well. Your email to a higher up will provide legal coverage for yourself, if a child dies or is injured during this vaccination drive. In the legal world, if you are warned about death or injury potential and you do nothing, you are liable.

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