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Sep 06, 2022
I made this podcast about 2 months ago and it predicts with great accuracy what has occurred regarding "The Ukraine". That's not because I have a crystal ball or insider knowledge. That's because this group's play book is very thin. This group is also generally uncreative and they recycle their plans over and over again at regular intervals. This evil group we're dealing with rarely change how they run things down here on the  human farm. That makes them pretty easy to predict, in regards to why they're doing what they're doing. Just remember a couple of simple points, so you can start getting ahead of the curve regarding what they're doing and why they're doing it.
1. Their main trick is that they know that you THE PUBLIC have the POWER, even though they're in CHARGE. POWER and CHARGE are electrical terms and that's because this group is actually a very small covet of ancient black magic energy magicians. They use mental manipulation and poison (their 2 favorite weapons organized daily to trick the public into enslaving and "removing" themselves) because again this ancient evil group doesn't have the POWER to enslave the public by FORCE. For this ancient group to maintain their power base, the public must be tricked into giving away their own power and putting their MIGHT and ENERGY (as a collective) behind the evil agendas of this ancient evil group.
2. This group historically believes that they created humans as their slaves many thousands of years ago. This story of "these ancient magicians" creating us (the human cattle) through genetic manipulation are tabulated in many texts throughout the world. Whether you believe this story or not, it doesn't matter. This group believes in it concretely, as religion. They look at you (and your family) as human cattle or literal biological solar panels, which harvest the power of the sun for them. As you work, it's the sun that powers the food, which in turn powers you. This ancient evil group are solar occultists. They focus on all things SUNLIGHT. They know that everything "power" starts with sunlight. Humans eat the food and do the work. That's where the black magic MONEY comes into play. The money (their invention) allows a medium of exchange between the human labor and the sun. Money allows the human labor to be commoditized and then stolen. They could enslave you and your family directly, which they've done many times throughout history, but converting your labor into their money and then stealing that money is actually much easier because most humans don't understand how energy magic works.
3. This ancient group of dark energy magicians are notoriously anti life, anti God, anti family, anti tradition, anti peace, anti love, anti connection, anti stability, anti children (except for some choice abuse and sex magic rites they initiate more often than most would ever believe) anti nature, anti strength, anti community, anti unity, anti convention, anti happiness, anti health, anti man, anti woman, anti culture, and anti natural order. They are pro fear, pro poison, pro misery, pro slavery, pro dependence, pro inversion, pro inefficiency, pro depression, pro darkness, pro war, pro destruction, pro ugliness, pro deformity, pro evil and pro everything backwards. This cult actually has a name and it embraces inversion. If regular people worshiped the sun on Sunday, this inversion cult would worship the darkness on Saturday. If you can have babies through vaginal sex, they would have anal or oral sex. If others wanted peace, they would start war. If it was natural to love children, they would destroy the children. Click here to learn more about this inversion cult.
It's not really hard to understand what this ancient evil group is doing (and why they're doing it) if you know some of their base belief systems and strategies. If you really knew who this group was, you wouldn't do anything with your day other than trying to expose them and take your power back from them. I'm not exaggerating. In history some famous people have said, "there are things worse than death" or, "I begged for death but it never came". Those phrases are in relation to what this group has done and are planning to do again. They are the pure darkness talked about in all ancient texts. I have investigated this cult my entire adult life and if you look evil up in the dictionary, they make that definition look completely meaningless. Click here to listen to the podcast about "The Ukraine" because obviously it's this ancient group organizing all of it.
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