Top 10 Reasons To Work With Me and My Team In Our International Self Sabotage Coaching School - 6th Semester Opens Nov 14th 9AM

Nov 07, 2022
1. You can learn what it takes to start and run a business from someone who has always run businesses successfully. I graduated from McGill University in 1994 and started my first business 6 months after graduation. The businesses I have personally started or partnered in have grossed over $150 million dollars. I'm your personal business, health and self-sabotage mentor inside my Self Sabotage Coaching School.
2. You can keep your current job while learning a side hustle skill and successful business format, which eventually you can turn into a full-time self-directed business venture. Learn from people who have already done it. Get the right mentors and you'll get the right results.
3. Many of our graduates simply learned leadership, confidence and courage from the mentorship offered within the school. They then went out and started many unrelated (and very successful) businesses because of their personal transformations inside the school. Mastering your own behavior, which is what I teach, is the basis of all business and life success, no matter what your goals are.
4. You can learn what it takes to overcome your own self sabotage. It doesn't matter if you're addicted to porn, smoking or drinking. It also doesn't matter if you're simply afraid of saying and doing what you really want to say and do.... because of what the other "crabs in the crab bucket" will think of you. You'll learn why these common addictions and fears exist. You will also learn how to break the spell of mediocrity in your own life and then you will teach others to do the same.
5. You'll gain access to our private group of over 450 past and current students/coaches, who routinely swap advice on everything from successful website design to profitable affiliate programs....and much, much more.
6. My international self-sabotage school is not only an institution that teaches you everything you need to know for you to overcome your own personal self-sabotage and the self-sabotage of your clients........this course is also a business and health program as well. You can't be successful unless you're truly healthy and it doesn't matter how good a coach you are if the public doesn't know who you are or where to find you. Making you an amazing coach and then making sure the public knows where to find you takes business smarts and a business mind set. You're going to learn everything you need to know, in order to take complete control of your life and vector your life UPWARDS moving forward.
7. You'll add immense protection to yourself and to your family, inside a world that's actively trying to increase dependence and dis-empowerment, so you're easier to control, manipulate and steal from. If you want to protect yourself and your family, you need to get healthy both physically and financially. Do it with me or do it somewhere else......but do it and do it now.
8. You'll develop an easy to market online skill so you can work from anywhere in the world. There are countries that are getting less free and there are areas that are just as free before the attack. If things get worse, you'll want an easy to market online skill so you can stay mobile with your income and your living location. Start now and plan for the future. Just don't survive, thrive.
9. You'll connect again with like minds LIVE. Our program offers 3 live group calls every month. The group calls are there to help you build your self-sabotage coaching skills but they're also there to help you build your financial, spiritual, intellectual and physical strength. I want you fully powered up. That's how success is guaranteed. It's time for you to remember how powerful you really are. It's not a learning, it's a remembering.
10. You'll learn many hidden secrets of this world, regarding the media, the government, mind control, brainwashing, human behavior, ancient societies, ancient ruling groups, behavior modification, the use of chemicals to control the public, human brain function, propaganda and many other topics not taught anywhere else in the world.
Our 6th semester of my International Self Sabotage Coaching School opens Nov 14th at 9AM sharp. Enrollment is limited. The first 5 semesters all sold out in less than 5 days. Send me a personal email if you want all the details. [email protected]. You can attend from anywhere in the world. You can pay monthly. It's time to change for the better.


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