The Expenses Involved With Bringing Evil To Earth

Sep 23, 2022
How expensive is it, do you think, to run the system that's currently in place? Take for example the borders. 99% of borders aren't protected by anything, as borders are simply a figment of your imagination, inserted into your mind's eye by a media/government indoctrination system. You're told they exist but they don't... and yet that's not even close to the point. The point you know how expensive it is to brainwash a  society to this extent? Do you know how expensive it is to make any society, let alone an entire world population, believe lies as truth? Do you know how expensive it is to make a population believe that a crime syndicate is an altruistic government? Do you know how expensive it is to make a population believe poison is medicine? Do you know how expensive it is to make people believe that collective evil is the best we can muster as a species? Do you know how expensive it is to make a population believe that what they eat and drink doesn't effect their health? Do you know how much money it takes to make a population believe that people who make them sick are "health experts"? Do you know how much monetary investment it takes to turn humans, who are born perfectly healthy and make them perpetually ill? Do you know how much money it takes to take the natural human animal (who's born thin, happy, independent, intelligent and family oriented) and make that human fat, depressed, dependent stunned and unable to breed? It's in the trillions. Due to the fact that the Universe never supports a lie, trillions more are needed to support lies, which initially cost trillions to put in place to begin with. It takes trillions to insert lies into the human collective and then it takes trillions more to maintain those lies. It never ends. It's an investment strategy that equates to societal suicide.
Where is all this money coming from? Who's funding this system of complete inversion, destruction and unsustainability? It's you of course. The ancient group organizing this form of disaster capitalism (that is the literal dictionary definition of Satanism) haven't even started accomplishing what they want to accomplish yet on this planet. They started this transition into the destruction of everything good in our world by investing trillions into making you believe THEFT was taxes....and off they went. And they're not going to stop until every living cell on this planet is incinerated. What do you think the price tag is to turn every male boy into a girl and every young girl into a boy? You guessed it......trillions. How much do you think it's going to cost to trick people into giving away all their rights, freedoms and joys to combat a perpetual line of lie-ahria based narratives made of corrupted statistics, faked data and bribed scientists? The truth is simple. With enough money our misleaders, who are masters of poisoning and media mind control, can convince you of ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING......and they've done so for thousands of years on this planet. Their ability to make you think slavery is freedom, poison is medicine, indoctrination is education or that a robust economy can be based on killing, death, destruction, poison, panic and fear......isn't anywhere close to the only issue at hand here. Yes, it's that bad. It's worse than bad. They're destroying everything and they're making you pay for all of it. They create systems that funnel your life force into the destruction of that life force, so eventually that life force stops flowing. We're dealing with pure evil. EVIL is LIVE spelled backwards. DEVIL is LIVED spelled backwards. Anything anti-LIVING or anti-LIFE is evil or the devil by literal definition.
The real issue at hand is that everything this group is targeting for change and spending money to change is provided free by what everyone on this planet calls God, the creator, nature etc etc. There's no borders in real life because there's not supposed to be any. Borders are man interfering with God's natural design and I'm not even a hard core God person. I'm a pattern recognition expert. The pattern here is that there are natural systems ALREADY IN PLACE that produce everything we need for free. It's all for free. We don't need fake borders because it's expensive and there are natural borders where we're not supposed to go as humans. Putting fake man made borders in place is expensive and unnecessary. Working against nature is expensive, it never works and attempts to control nature is not only too expensive for anyone on this world to engage has never worked in human history without the complete destruction of the culture attempting it. If you try to take the place of God, you end up bankrupting yourself into the graveyard. The evil forces attempting to rule you right now are trying to control all life on this planet but only God controls life, so they're trying to take the place of God.....and therefore they will fail. In that failure, you and your family could very well be destroyed as well and that's why you need to start paying attention.
There is also a free God given court system in everyone's nervous system, where if they have a harm committed against them they generate a response equal to the harm done to them. Humans are naturally moral, ethical and just creatures...especially if older members of the tribe guide them accordingly. Nature controls our weather but now our misleaders want to control the weather. Nature controls our life span and immunity and now our misleaders want to do that as well. The fact that our misleaders are spending trillions trying to make us believe that poison will make us healthier and more another story altogether. Do you know how expensive it is to turn the proud human lion who knows right from wrong, into a perpetual child lamb who misbehaves long into their adult years? You guessed it.....trillions. We don't need poison as medicine, we're naturally healthy beings. We don't need indoctrination camps called schools. We're completely capable of learning everything we know from the environment we live in. The people ruling us from behind corrupt governments learned everything they know from simply observing the environment over thousands of years. With their knowledge of toxins, poisons, chemicals, psychology, brainwashing, mind control and media manipulation........they rule us and dominate us with an ease unseen before in human history. If they can learn all their machinations from their environment, imagine what we could do if trillions weren't spent to make us the dumbest society to ever walk the planet.
Let me get to the point here. It's impossible to grow a plant in the dark without water or soil. If you commit to such a fucking moronic project, you could literally spend every last dollar on earth trying to make it work.......but it will fail and in your moronic quest to commit to growing a plant in the dark, without water or soil, you could literally bankrupt the entire society you live in. This sort of scenario is happening right now in every facet of our society. You can't heal with poison. You can't create economic prosperity by dumbing down the populace with brain damaging poisons, censorship and indoctrination. You can't produce healthy and happy children by keeping them locked in a class room and have them repeat lies for tidbits of positive reinforcement. You can't grow population numbers by sanctioning sexual confusion agendas as official policy, which ends in children attacking and destroying their physical centers of reproduction.....with butchering surgeries and castration chemicals. You can't spray poison on the food any society eats. We can't shit and piss in the very water we're meant to drink. We can't call people who poison us health experts. No society can survive acting confused when they're sick.....when all they do is ingest and inject poison into themselves. We're not even supposed to live in these big cities.....because what humans need to be happy, healthy and independent of corrupt control can't be found in these abominations of nature. God gave you an entire planet....why are you cramming yourself on top of each other in cities where the unnatural systems are bound to collapse? Everything we're investing in is completely unnatural and unsustainable BY DESIGN. As a society we've committed to thousands of projects that are the equivalent of trying to grow a plant without light, soil or water. What we're committed to will never work and it's not designed to work. As John Lennon said... "our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it."
We are being lead by an ancient evil force. This evil force can infiltrate physically and spiritually weak humans. This evil force prefers to make most humans physically and spiritually weak....and then waits to infect weak humans in the positions of power. Then it uses those weak humans in those positions of power to channel that power into inverted satanic policies, designed to destroy God, nature or the creator. The end goal of this evil force is simple, create so many debt generating structures that it first sucks all monetary savings out of every last person on earth into a financial black hole. That's the first know...."you will own nothing and be happy." That's the t-shirt evil wears opening today. That t-shirt says, "you will own nothing and be happy" But that's only the beginning. At that point, with all value and savings destroyed...the only thing of value that the evil can get energy from are the humans themselves. That's when all the humans are destroyed outright. After that the planet is next.........just as this evil force has always dreamed of. Then this evil force simply floats off the lifeless planet and drifts off somewhere else to start the entire cycle over again. It's not a person, it's a force infecting weak people. Mission accomplished at that point for this evil force. The destruction of life, the destruction of God, the destruction of happiness, the destruction of connection, the destruction of family, the destruction of children and the destruction of all human potential. What you're seeing today with The UN, The WHO, The WEF etc is how an ancient evil force is investing your energy, your money, your life force, your magic, your electricity, your solar charge, your soul and your value into a completely unsustainable system that's designed to destroy all life on this planet. Planning, building, administrating and fortifying a satanic system of inversion on God's green earth is extremely expensive and is designed to rupture life itself. If you don't interfere and withdraw your energy from this insane and satanic pursuit, you may see the destruction of all life on this planet in your lifetime.


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