Nov 19, 2021

The most common form of self-sabotage is chronic BUSY-NESS, where the person can’t stop moving or engaging with self, media or others. Many of my personal self-sabotage clients can’t sit down and take a night off from “moving”. They can’t relax. They can’t stop their energy from flowing at a very high level. They can’t slow down. They always need to be busy. And although they say the need to stay busy in order to keep their lives above the water line… they’re always drowning. I remember one of my clients who worked in the movie industry. He worked day and night, kept busy with several affairs through social media platforms and when he had some major victories in his life… he just kept working around the clock. He had enough of everything (including money) to sit down and enjoy his life, his wife, his family and his amazing surroundings… but he couldn’t. He was always preparing for the next crisis or the next problem. If there wasn’t a problem, he would create one. He was always working on the next big score. He often believed he was lonely and not satisfied with his situation. Because of this dissatisfaction he felt that his happiness was just around the corner… with a different mate, a bigger income or the next big celebration of his fame.

What was really going on here because this sort of “busy body” self-sabotage is extremely common. A complete energetic rampage from early in the morning to late at night… and when a break is needed or a holiday is forcefully penciled in by concerned family members (who are usually at their wit’s end), the “busy body” saboteur can’t slow down or be with other humans in a relaxed way. Where is this sort of behavior coming from?

Most of our behavior gets downloaded into us at a very young age. Our subconscious mind scans our living environment and quickly determines the behavior protocols across every level imaginable. What’s the right thing to do and what’s the wrong thing to do? What’s the right thing to say and what’s the wrong thing to say? What’s the right thing to wear and what’s the wrong thing to wear? How do you best fit in? How do you “go along to get along” and how do you guarantee your safety by making sure everyone likes you? The subconscious is a super-computer that analyzes everything it sees. It then decides your behavior for you as to how exactly you’re going to act in order to maximize your chances of survival.

Most childhood environments over the past 60 years included copious amounts of TV and movie media downloads into the subconscious. This is BRUTAL for rational and logical behavior programming. To make household environments even worse over the past 60 years, parents were often completely sedated (or tranquilized) on coffee, wine, alcohol, nicotine or junk food. If you want to produce a dysfunctional human being this is how it’s done – TV and chemically infused role models. The subconscious of a child raised in such an environment downloads what I call “chaos” and “crisis” vibrations. It’s these vibrations that the subconscious often mimics for life without the person understanding just how much their hectic, intense, electrically charged TV/movie and chemically infused parental environment controls their behavior in adulthood. Our subconscious mind loves the familiar, even if the familiar makes us miserable. This means that a kid raised in a high pressure/highly intense environment (where the TV was always on and where the parents were always off balance due to normalized narcotic use) often grows up to recreate that high intensity lifestyle everywhere they go. This is the reason so many people today just can’t sit down and relax… and also why they have to have 20 pokers in the fire at all times.

There are ways to reprogram the subconscious and it doesn’t take too long whatsoever. It really only takes 2 hours with a qualified self-sabotage coach. I’m currently booked for the entire year but if you would like I can do two things. If you would like to get on a waiting list for my self-sabotage coaching service or at least learn about the process, please email me at [email protected]. I also work with a close group of about 30 other self-sabotage coaches around the world who I can refer you to. We all use basically the exact same 2hour format. It’s time to leave our “busy body” lifestyle behind and enjoy the days we have here on the planet… regardless of any other factor. It’s not about the years in your life. It’s about the life in your years. Are you enjoying your time here on the planet? Self-sabotage coaching is perfect for getting healthier, losing weight, quitting addiction, forming better relationships and of course with getting richer as well. Thank you for reading this article and I hope it helped you understand a little more about your behavior. 

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