The Power Of Lies

If you think fire cools, you're lying to yourself. You can easily verify that fire doesn't cool by sticking your hand into a fire. You'll find out very quickly that your belief does not affect the true reality of this world you live in. You'll find out that living out lies creates pain in your life. If you believe lies as truth, you get pain. If you believe that you can fly off a 3 story balcony... that LIE will provide the exact same result and the exact same lesson, regarding what the truth really is. If you believe red wine is healthy, you're also lying to yourself. If you believe alcohol is healthy in moderation, you're also lying to yourself. If you think the government legalized marijuana (and now harder drugs in BC) because marijuana is healthy or that the government finally bent to the will of the people, you're also lying to yourself. If you think the media is telling you the truth or that government school is there to educate you or that 1 pill of medication will make you healthy (when the whole bottle will put you in the graveyard) or medical doctors are health professionals or that good grades in government school reflects superior're also lying to yourself. Remember that lies bring pain. The lies listed above are WHOOPERS, which most people embrace as truth every day. Then those same folks wonder why they have so much pain in their lives. God doesn't hand out pleasure for LIVING LIES.... because lies break and destroy the reality God created.

This game is simple. Lies give you pain and truth gives you pleasure. The more pain you're in, the more lies you're embracing in your life. The pain you'll get by embracing the standard lies of the day is an out of shape body, depression, a job you don't enjoy, a Santa bag full of addictions, a pension that's already stolen, an empty soul, a child like outlook on life, a broken dream machine, a glass is half empty mentality and injecting poison under your skin so you can keep doing all the things that don't matter and so you can keep doing all the things that keep you distracted from all the lies you're living.

So if you're trying to figure out why your life hasn't turned out exactly as you thought it would or why your life isn't the same as the actors on your brainwashing TV's because you're not strong enough to look yourself in the mirror tomorrow and pick out all the lies you're living out every day. Your coffee is poison, there's poison on your food, your cell phone and wifi causes cancer, your health care system produces sickness as a business, your media is tricking you to destroy yourself, your kids and your community, educational degrees are compliance certificates, teachers aren't supposed to be sexualizing your children. your politicians are hand picked because of their weak moral fiber, your vote doesn't count, the wars are fake, the flags are fake, the borders are fake and everything is run, owned and operated by one extremely sinister world wide crime syndicate. These lies (and some truths) are beyond fucking obvious or people wouldn't be in so much pain. There it is. All the problems and all the solutions in a couple of paragraphs.

So tomorrow, stop bullshitting yourself as Olympic sport and start removing the lies you're living one by one, so you can finally stop manufacturing your own painful existence and so you can finally start manufacturing a life that can actually bring you some semblance of happiness, health, abundance and peace of mind. Step into the truth zone. It takes courage but millions more are doing it every day. Out beyond the lies is a field of beauty, peace and prosperity. Rid yourself of the common day lies that vomit out of your TV, movie screens, radios and print media. Start walking out into the field beyond the lies and millions of amazing people will be waiting there to meet you. True story. Stop fucking around. You were meant for more than living inside 16 square blocks your entire life, drinking booze, guzzling coffee, taking orders, staring into a mind control light-box for hours a day, waiting in traffic, pumping yourself full of fake feel good emotions via the ingestion of toxic chemicals, having kids only to hand them over to corrupt system designed to destroy them, paying to be indoctrinated at University or College and teaching your kids to do the exact same. Come on people. This system is unsustainable. You can either have it collapse on top of you or you can get outside of it and make a break for something better.


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