The Pizza Pedo Connection

Feb 14, 2022
The entire agenda from 2020 onward was about moving a covert control and inversion system into something that openly walks above ground. Prior to 2020 (for decades prior) the public were slowly initiated into a satanic and hedonistic death cult, to the point where the data mining of all social media provided our human farmers the data they needed to confirm that the population was indeed ready to take the final step into a fully open satanic society.
Teachers say nothing about these curriculums or they're demoted, shamed or fired. Teachers are no longer teachers and that's why one day a teacher can be teaching geography and then the next day they could be teaching drama or math. There's no expertise in teachers anymore other than reading a script and paying the mortgage. Where's the outrage or protest from teachers for teaching content that psychologists admit is how, "pedophiles groom their victims" by exposing kids to confusing adult sexual content and then guiding the children through the confusion to a very particular end result that benefits the pedophile. Your stolen money called "taxes" is paying for the destruction of your children, via sweet Mrs. Crabtree down at the local government school..
It's important to know that "pizza" is a known pedo catch phrase, indicating "the ordering" of children from various menus circulating in the pedo community. Yes there are stolen children, circulated in the pedo community, that are placed on menus and sold as take out pizza to other pedos. Watch the documentary "Who Took Johnny", a story about the pedo network stealing children across America and selling the kids to other government, media and big business.
The social media platforms are in on this and censor the open walk into a fully satanic society, promoting what ever pushes the public into this inverted, hedonistic and satanic way of living. Watch the documentary titled "The War On Children - The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda". They're openly feasting on your children and yet protecting the children is still the exception. So many parents don't want anything to do with their children other than to hand them off to government and medicine as soon as they're born for poisoning and indoctrination.
In short, most parents today claim they would do anything for their kids but that just means "buy them anything". It's a travesty that parents watch the government break their children and then buy them all the shiny things at the mall, hoping the children can be happy again. It's a shallow promise of protection if there ever was one. How many parents are protecting their children from an inverted government system, designed to corrupt, poison and enslave them? Very few of course. Most parents even insist their children participate in these systems, which makes the parents willing participants in the destruction of their own children. At this point, our society deserves to collapse back into its own footprint for being so fucking corrupt that parents don't pay attention to anything that government and media are teaching their children. It's so embarrassing living on this planet sometimes but we could turn this all around if the lambs remembered they were actually lions.


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