The Origins of The Phrase "Rock and Roll"

Jan 16, 2023
Although common folklore will explain that the phrase "rock and roll" is derived from how slaves inside the hull of slave ship, got tossed around by the "rock and roll" motion of the waves, the true origin of the phrase is much older. Rock and roll describes the primary task of the ancient slave class, quarrying ROCK and then ROLLING it to the job site for slave master.
This of course should give anyone great pause as a drunken party goer stumbles by over the weekend, screaming...."rock and roll". It's pretty safe to assume that modern slaves don't know that they're shouting praises to the ancient slave life. How about the person who camps out all night to get tickets for the "Rolling Stones", someone singing along to John Cougar's "R-O-C-K in the USA" or a rebel picking up a copy of "Rolling Stone" magazine? How about dancing to Bob Segar's "Old Time Rock and Roll" or yelling "Rock on!" at the local ROCK concert? Are you drinking your ROCK STAR energy drink? Maybe you're young and like Post Malene's song "Rock Star". And don't forget that when people are yelling out "rock and roll" and taking selfies on their cell phones (called cell phones because they are portable jail cells invented by the ancient Phoenicians) they often flash the double horn hand gang sign. which represents the primary bull cult that organized the slaves long ago in the ancient middle east. It's the same bull cult today mastering the slave and that cult doesn't hide it
Our handlers (or what I like to call our social engineers or human farmers) laugh at the slaves, because they can't connect the dots, see the big picture or understand how the power of language can enslave them through the very DNA itself. It's the weekend (the weakened) where the modern slave often parties like a ROCK STAR, because their life is empty and meaningless. Our social engineers mock us by controlling our language and have us saluting and honoring the system that's designed to make us live a LIFE of LESS. Take a look around, think harder and unslave.
Let slave master know that you see his tricks and then throw down your shackles. Rock and roll means "slave to the ancient rulers" who control the slaves with drugs, booze, junk food and hedonistic good the slave never has the chance to connect the dots and organize their escape. It was even the ancient Egyptians who invented beer, to keep the slave class sedated, so they would never connect the dots and ever rebel during their rest periods away from the rocking and rolling. You can't let the people who quarry the rock and build the new world order ever come to their you work them hard, sedate them with psychoactive drugs after work (via the beer, wine, weed, sugar, harder narcotics etc) and then you need to entertain them with the rock concerts down in the quarry, so the slaves wake up more lost the next they're all easier to slave drive during their next rock and roll shift down in the rock quarry. When the dazed and poisoned slaves finally wake just pump them full of caffeine and extract all their work value (absent of rebellion) once again. It's a slave cycle as old as time itself. You want the slaves to think, "my life isn't so bad, they give me booze, smokes, weed, drugs, junk food, coffee and rock concerts, what's not to like?" Look around you today at the billions of people leading this exact life of poorly disguised slavery. It's more than sad, This cycle dooms us all to the exact same because slaves who don't know that they're slaves will never try to free themselves. 
Are you tired of working a job you hate, in order to buy things you don't need, so you can pollute yourself into a tranquilized stupor on the weekends (the weakened) you never get off your knees and break free of the slave cycle? First step, stop polluting yourself by your own hand with coffee, booze, sugar, junk food, take out, candy, fluoride, wheat, cigarettes, medical injections, meds, narcotics and toxic chemicals of all kinds. It's proven slave master pumps all of those into the slave camp to keep the slaves dumbed down, diseased and disoriented. Slaves who are healthy won't be slaves for long and will eventually organize a mass rebellion against slave master. Reject the poison and unslave. Push open the prison door, you'll find it was never locked. Lead by example, adult up and fight the good order to make yourself a more awakened, healthier and more organized person.
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