The Origins of Drinking from The Cup or Bowl........

Feb 12, 2023
Why is it Called The Super Bowl....When The Trophy Isn't A Bowl?
1. The hearts of the loser or conquered were traditionally placed into a cup in many ancient societies and the blood consumed was believed to transfer the power of the loser to the victor. Many stories of blood providing energy riddle our ancient and recent past, everything from vamparism to modern day child day sacrifices involving the satanic ruling 1%, which  are well documented in video testimonials.....such as the one at this added link.
2.. The mythical icon of love "cupid" has the first three letters "cup" (for these reasons) and is often depicted with a picture of a winged entity shooting an arrow through a heart because stabbing the heart with a knife (while in the cup) helped the blood pour out. This blood would then be consumed out of the cup, inside the ritual of blood sacrifice, to appease the Gods.
3. As with the cups used during religious ceremony (communion), the cups involved in sport are meant to signify the cup that holds the heart and blood of the sacrificed and conquered.
4. The phrase "bless you" is often offered after a sneeze because the fine spray ejected during a sneeze mimics the fine spray of blood ejected during ritual sacrifice by knife and linking that ejection of blood to religious beliefs is what the phrase "bless you" is all about. Interesting to note as well that the word "bless" is literally "b-less" or "be-less". Simple word magic.
5. The word mass often proceeds phrases like "mass murder" or the word "massacre" because ritual sacrifice has oddly enough been tied to appeasing the Gods through blood sacrifice. Many people today still attend "mass" via different religions all around the world, mimicking the drinking of the blood of the sacrificed. One of our most religions mimics drinking the blood of a sacrificed child, from a cup, holding the cup to the sky for the blessing (be - less) before everyone gets to consume the body and blood of the sacrificed. Our past squeezes through in the most unexpected ways.
6. An "augur" was the high priest who looked over the heart and patterns of blood in the cup to predict the future of the society and that is why we, to this day, have the "inAUGURation" of new leaders, like the President of the United States. Have we really evolved? Our actions and our lack of knowledge speak to the contrary, on many fronts. Does our modern society cloak a modern day death cult ideology and pass it off as advanced, evolved and progressive? Many scholars have written about our modern day death cult, that parades today in plain sight, without resistance or question from a purposely uninformed and chemically lobotomized citizenry.
7. The painting of the last supper represents the eating of flesh and the drinking of blood which was part of parcel of this tradition that stretches back far into history. Child sacrifice was believed to hold the most power involved with the ritual. To consume the blood of another was seen as something that transferred the life force of the sacrificed into the living.
8. The raising of the cup over the head of the victor was meant as a way to elevate the sacrificed closer to the Gods and to show the God the actual heart and blood being sacrificed on their behalf. To this day in popular religions, the filled cup is offered above the worshipers before it's consumed. The first thing sports icons do after winning the cup or bowl, is to raise it over their head. They don't know why they do it, they've just copied the actors who have come before them. Without knowing our true and real history, we're doomed to repeat it. If modern day athletes knew that raising the trophies over their head paid respect to mass killings of the past, would they do it? In this day and age, deep thought is often absent from our daily rituals.
9. The public display of such fear-based action (killing something in plain sight) is proven to make the mind very easy to imprint, meaning that fear is part of a fine art form used by ruling families to help govern the masses. This is why the public was and is always invited to watch such sacrifice rituals. Fear makes people easier to rule, control, manipulate and steal from. The experience of death activates the flight or fight chemical pathways in the mind, shutting down higher brain function and hyper-activating the low IQ centers of the brain. Sports in general is used to rule over the uninformed masses, using many covert sleights of mind, to accomplish this. Those mental mind control tricks are reviewed in this attached video....
10. Most championship trophies are either cups themselves or refer to being a cup, even when they're not shaped like a cup. For example, the World Cup of soccer trophy is not a cup but referred to as a cup and even the Super Bowl trophy (the Lombardi Trophy which is not shaped like a cup or bowl) still maintains the historical essence of the intended symbolism. (the super bowl or supper eat the heart and to drink the blood) Most victors today are still given bowls or cups as their rewards.
The answers to many of the issues we face today can be found in the past. Are we really evolving or pimping out ancient rituals to make us believe we're evolving? Do the same ruling families still use tried and true ceremony and ritual to help rule over and control the masses? The half time show at the Super Bowl often tells us everything we need to know about this energy harvest ritual. What you watch is often watching you and growing off the energy you give it through your eyes.


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