The NY Fear Factor

Passing through JFK Airport today in NYC and you notice something you won't find anywhere else, other than in LA....and that is a higher percentage of masked citizens. Given the truths about such things, as to those devices working or not, we need to once again travel into some movie mind control to find potential explanations to explain the clingy obsessions some folks have with the ongoing stage production narrative.

The first mind control explanation can be easily observed in the sheer weight of crisis films that take place in NY. (or LA for that matter) Everything from Kirk Russell's, "Escape From NY" to Will Smith's "I AM LEGEND", people in the big centers are targeted drive certain key beliefs and ideas into their collective fertile psyches. When a crisis hits the newscast, New Yorkers are the most likely to collectively shit their pants (if not shitting the entire bed completely) due to the decades and decades of dormant media programming driven into them by the Hollywood light magicians who use light to paint a very particular picture in the mind's eye.

Not all New Yorkers are like this of course but there's more Mike and Michelle Mask Wearers here than anywhere else I've observed over a very long year of international travel. Those disaster and crisis movies have lots to do with people's reactions and behaviors. In some cases, many people have downloaded their entire identity and beliefs from what they see on their screens. It's funny to see these people, who are extremely confident in backing something like this. They really need to research away from controlled media sources, or they'll be running after fake safety their entire life. Never have so many people been so confident in something that warrants no confidence whatsoever. So much information out there and so little knowledge.



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