The Normalization of Clinical Insanity

Sep 20, 2022
Remember that kid at the playground. He or she was always the one kid burning the bugs with the magnifying glass or tearing the legs of the insects off with their fingers. In ancient cultures, these kids were paid very close attention to because they were believed to house evil spirits. These ancient cultures weren't far off the mark. In my opinion, we need to get back to these ancient belief systems and we need to get back there fast. We need some solutions here.
In some North American native cultures for example they would call this sort of evil possession Wetiko. In Middle Eastern culture the possessing evil spirit was called the Jinn. Most ancient cultures have their own word for when an evil spirit hijacks the body of someone in the tribe. These sorts of possessions were associated with anti-life and pro-death based behaviors. These sorts of possessions could tear the tribe apart and even destroy the tribe outright in very short order. Fear was said to always play a role, which opened the body to possession by evil invisible parasite based hijackers. Malnutrition was another cause of the possession, as starving to death because of a lack of high quality food, is just another version of extreme fear. Why does our media and government drown us in fear? Why does our government poison our food supply? Why does our media constantly encourage us to inject and ingest poison? Is there a darker ritual occurring here?
If we look out into our world today, we see all this in full gallop but as as a culture, we've lost our connections to the past. We've also lost our ability to see that we now have a growing Wetiko problem in our society. We have lots of knowledge but no wisdom. For example.... we have governments chemically castrating children in government brainwashing facilities, under the guise of altruism, inclusion and societal progress. I was talking to a lady a couple weeks ago who removed her own breasts and is now taking steroids, which not only destroy men........they completely destroy women. I know this as FACT as a 28 year fitness club owner veteran. Females who took steroids were COMPLETELY DESTROYED in very short order. Men as well but not as much. And the lady who volunteered for her own double mastectomy and the injecting of male hormones into herself (those injections not designed for her cellular receptors and those injections also containing large quantities of secondary documented toxins) would she be perceived in any ancient society regarding the concepts of Jinn or Wetiko? Anti-life/pro-death behavior? In our current society it's the exact opposite. In our society she gets the red carpet rolled out for her everywhere she goes, she's the talk of the town, the belle of the ball, she's celebrated, promoted, adorned and given the perpetual lime light as a modern day trail blazer? Why? Collective possession of large members of our society? Where does this end? It's not hard to see where it ends. It ends in complete societal collapse as the Wetiko spirit only likes when life is destroyed, death is frequent, misery is planted in every corner and complete mayhem rules the day.
So even if you don't believe in spiritual possession, I get that, but you can't back away from the argument that the current system we live under is in the business of normalizing clinical insanity. It doesn't matter if we call it Wetiko, clinical insanity or our culture being taken over by an inversion cult........this is completely unsustainable and our society is set to collapse in no time flat unless we remember the most basics principles of how to maintain and grow a society. There has to be progress and benefit to each and everything a government does and everything a citizen does.......each and everyday, for any society to maintain itself. Nothing our government is doing today and very little citizens are doing today contribute anything to our society other than spiritual, financial and physical debt. From the government paying to medically destroy children in brainwashing camps we falsely call "schools" to grown men playing video games, whacking off, dressing up as super heroes and smoking weed all society can survive under these current principles of destruction, death, dysfunction, disease and debt. Don't look now but that kid who used to burn the ants with the magnifying glass and tear the legs off the bugs......he or she is now one of the leaders of each country around the world. Our mis-leaders have all been put there own purpose by an ancient evil force that we will eventually have to deal with, if we ever want our society back. We're fighting a spiritual war in a society that doesn't believe in spirit, so obviously we need to play catch up really fast if we want to turn things around.


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